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Advisory Groups

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month
teamwork150April is NACCHO's volunteer recognition month, and on behalf of NACCHO's board of directors, officers and staff, we take this opportunity to thank our volunteers who donate time, energy and expertise to help fulfill NACCHO's mission in so many different ways: through their responses to requests for information, service on committees and advisory groups and in appointed and elected positions. 

Volunteers guide NACCHO's projects and priorities, inform and work through NACCHO toward the vision of "health, equity and well-being for all people in their communities through public health and services." A list of volunteers  is available here.
Advisory Groups 101

Advisory groups are made up of staff from LHDs around the country. NACCHO's advisory groups ensure that member input informs the organization's projects and priorities and work toward NACCHO's vision of "health, equity, and well-being for all people in their communities through public health policies and services."

NACCHO has four different types of advisory groups: executive committee, standing committees, committees, and workgroups. Each advisory group performs a certain role for the association. Their roles are as follows:

  • Executive Committee conducts the ongoing affairs of the association between the meetings of the Board of Directors and periodically updates the board with a summary of the work it has done during the year. All executive committee members serve in the interest of the entire NACCHO membership.
  • Standing Committees are responsible for ensuring NACCHO's effective operation as a membership association and enhancing NACCHO's infrastructure to achieve its mission.
  • Committees work from a broad level to assure that NACCHO's work is aligned with the current strategic map. They also ensure coordination between workgroups with related content areas.
  • Workgroups function at a more specific level and serve in an advisory capacity for NACCHO projects. Each workgroup reports to a relevant committee.

A list of NACCHO's advisory groups, along with their descriptions and the time commitments required to serve, is available here.

Each advisory group has a set list of roles and responsibilities outlining expectations for members, chairs, and liaisons. More information about the appointment process is available here.

Orientation Materials
People Working Together

Each year, NACCHO provides orientation for advisory group members to give an overview of the association's work, the purpose and function of the advisory groups, and an opportunity to hear the experiences of seasoned participants. Orientation material, including a PowerPoint, is available through the link below. More »