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LHD Communications

An excellent communications effort can be timely and cost-effective, and leverage and conserve the LHD’s scarce resources. The road to excellence in LHD communications starts here.
In the Spotlight
NACCHO & CDC Communications Webinar Series

NACCHO and the CDC have joined forces in an unprecedented effort to help LHDs strengthen their communications capacity. Explore marketing and branding, message clarity, new media, and evaluation through the following four-part webinar series.

Building Our Understanding of Health Communication Evaluation
Presenter: Jim Weaver, PhD, MPH, Senior Health Communication Scientist, CDC Office of the Associate Director for Communication

New Communication Channels: What They Are, Why They Are Here to Stay, and Why You Need to Be There. CDC Makes It Easy for You.
Presenter: Amy Heldman, MPH, CDC Social Media Team Lead

Communicating Public Health: Why Do We Have to Market Something Everyone Should Already Want?
Presenter: Fred Fridinger, DrPH, chief, CDC Strategic and Proactive Marketing Branch

You Know What You're Talking About, but Does Your Audience? CDC's New Clear Communication Index and How To Use It.
Presenter: Cynthia Baur, PhD, CDC Senior Advisor for Health Literacy

For more information, contact Alisa Blum, Director of Media and Public Relations at