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Event Details

Public Health Webinar
5/2/2013 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
In this webinar, Tom McAllister, Director of the Office of Response, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and Jim Craig, Public Health Preparedness Director, Mississippi State Department of Health will discuss EMAC planning in support of Mississippi's Emergency Support Function #8, the Public Health and Medical Services Annex. Tom and Jim will also discuss how Mississippi developed Mission Ready Packaging medical and public health resources and review how the state provides assistance and coordination of EMAC resources in response to public health and disaster medical care needs. Services provided by ESF #8 include emergency medical treatment and prevention, inspection of food and potable water, sewage and wastewater disposal, emergency mortuary service and mass fatality management, patient rehabilitation, vector and disease control, disease surveillance, and the restoration of health and medical infrastructure.
Contact: Anita Woods
Phone: 8592448039
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