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2010 SACCHO Winter Meeting

March 15–17, Washington, DC

Thanks to the many SACCHO leaders who attended the 2010 Winter Meeting. Use the links below to download presentations, handouts, and other materials from the meeting.

The next SACCHO meeting will be held in conjunction with the NACCHO annual conference July 14–16 in Memphis, TN. More information on the date and time will be provided as soon as it available.

Presentations and Meeting Materials

Requested Follow-up Materials

Association Management Discussion
Mark Bertler, CAE, Public Health Foundation Enterprises

Regionalization, Accreditation, and the Role of SACCHOs
Jessica Solomon, Program Manager, NACCHO staff

Discussion with Associate Executive Director
Lori Freeman, NACCHO staff

Legislative Update
Donna Brown, Senior Advisor, NACCHO staff

Health IT
Alastair Matheson, Senior Analyst, NACCHO staff

It''s the Economy, Stupid
Rachel Willard, Senior Analyst, NACCHO staff

Discussion with Executive Director
Robert Pestronk, NACCHO staff