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The Value of Belonging

Benefits for You and Your Team

NACCHO is your dedicated source for cutting-edge, skill building, professional resources and programs, seeking health equity, and supporting effective local public health practice and systems. Join today and you and your staff can start enjoying the many benefits NACCHO membership affords you. To learn more about NACCHO's many benefits click here.


LHDs in the United States are challenged daily to provide for and protect the health of the people living in their communities. NACCHO membership offers unique and robust benefits to help you and your workforce perform your jobs more efficiently. Active dues paying members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Networking and engagement opportunities: NACCHO has a history of partnerships with both traditional and non-traditional organizations to impact the broader public health system. Members benefit from these partnerships through networking forums, educational seminars, and access to grant opportunities.
  • Build connections: Do you ever wonder how other agencies have handled a public health challenge your community is facing? NACCHO members get advice and support from a powerful network of expert colleagues on a wide range of public health issues. NACCHO''s interactive e-mail list services connect you to public health professionals with similar interests and concerns, such as immunization, emergency preparedness, rural health, and land use planning.
  • Advocacy: As the national voice for LHDs, NACCHO provides its members with the latest updates on key public health issues and opportunities to take action. Members have an opportunity to communicate the value of local health departments with their own policymakers and help impact policy.
  • Professional Development: NACCHO offers vast resources to help LHDs be sustainable and successful in activities that range from screenings, inspections, and training programs to the essential tasks of formulating policy and health impact assessments. NACCHO members have access to articles, audio and video resources, innovative model practices, evidence-based case studies, and tested tips to tackle the many challenges they face.
  • Access to industry intelligence:  NACCHO''s profile study is the benchmark for the most comprehensive understanding of trends in LHD finances, workforce, activities performed, and the role they play in their communities. Data from the profile study has been used to influence public health policy, conduct local public health systems and infrastructure research.
  • Savings: NACCHO members enjoy significant savings through reduced registration fees and scholarships to attend NACCHO''s annual conference and discounted publications, travel, shopping, and professional services.

If you have not yet made the decision to join, explore how we can help you do your jobs better and advance the local public health today. Get started today. Join and start enjoying the many benefits a NACCHO membership affords you.