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NACCHO recognizes the many partners that work with NACCHO and our members. These partners contribute collaboration and financial support. Together we work to advance local public health. This section contains selected news and resources that are of use to local health departments from our partners.
In the Spotlight

ukcphLogoWith grants from a coalition including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and with NACCHO's support, an interdisciplinary team at the University of Kentucky is launching a new study designed to "Identify, compare, and contrast exceptional models of collaborative partnerships involving public health departments, hospitals, and other stakeholders committed to improving community health and determine the key lessons learned from their experience." 

You are cordially invited to nominate collaborative models that are well-established and, in your opinion, demonstrate all or many of the core characteristics of successful partnerships spelled out on pp. 3-4 in the Executive Summary.

We encourage your participation in this study.

Contact Information

If you have questions about types of collaborative partnerships the team is seeking to identify and study in-depth, please contact:

Study Coordinator

Principal Investigators

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A Message from NACCHO Executive Director Robert Pestronk
A Message to Local Health Organizations

Every so often a conference is held which is significant because of the content under discussion, the timing of the session, or the unified call to action which arises from a collective sense of mission. I attended a meeting recently which meets all three criteria, and the implications, I believe, are worth sharing with you. 

On November 12th and 13th, The Association of Academic Health Centers (AAHC) convened an invitational meeting that included academic health center leaders, state and local public health officials, including many NACCHO staff and constituents. The meeting's purpose was to develop strategies for academic health centers to improve the health of the communities they serve by more fully addressing the social determinants of health in all their mission areas. A unique focus of the meeting was the development of strategic partnerships with the governmental public health community.

Meeting participants identified several options for AAHC to move forward, including developing a strategic communications plan for the initiative, means of facilitating more collaboration between academic health center leadership, public health officials and other stakeholders, and advocating for changes in healthcare payments. AAHC and the social determinants planning committee have held an initial post-meeting conference call and are assessing the various ideas and suggestions made by meeting participants to prioritize the path forward. One suggestion of the planning committee is for AAHC to ask its member institutions, if they have not yet done so, to identify key local/state health officials and consider scheduling an introductory meeting with the appropriate senior academic health center leadership.

I wanted to alert you that you may be contacted by your local University, and I encourage you to take the call. If you are uncertain if you have an AAHC member in your region, you can find the full membership roster at:

I’ve asked David Dyjack, NACCHO’s Associate Executive Director for Programs to respond to any questions, insights, or concerns. He may be reached at

CDC Vital Signs Program
Prescription Drug Overdose by Methadone

Each month the CDC Vital Signs Program releases a call-to-action on an important public health topic using the latest available data. This month’s topic is Prescription Drug Overdose by Methadone. Find out more about this topic below:

Severe Weather
Find current information regarding the extreme heat, weather and fire conditions. The following link will take you to the ESRI website where you can request software and assistance.
Availability of Medicare Data for Performance Measurement
Organizations interested in applying to the Qualified Entity Certification Program for Medicare Data are encouraged to visit Applications will be accepted beginning January 9. There is no deadline for submitting applications for certification as a Qualified Entity. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
CDC Grant Funding Information Available
Find information about grant funding CDC provides to each state and the program and dollar amounts for each of the grants at