NACCHO Consulting

NACCHO provides capacity building assistance to sustain and enhance local health department work, to fill gaps or be a bridge for knowledge, skills, and abilities, and to offer local public health expertise. NACCHO offers experience in promoting models of collaboration, brokering national partnerships, catalyzing community engagement, training local health departments, and designing and facilitating meetings and trainings.

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NACCHO offers performance improvement training and consultation in the following areas: 

Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) 

  • NACCHO provides a one or two day training in MAPP and facilitation through MAPP’s six phases. MAPP is a community-driven strategic planning process for improving community health and results in a community health assessment and community health improvement plan. To learn more about MAPP, click here.

Strategic Planning

  • NACCHO provides facilitation of strategic planning and action planning. The key steps involve the process of assessing a changing environment to create a vision of the future; determining how the organization fits into the anticipated environment, based on its mission, strengths, and weaknesses; then setting into motion a plan of action to position the organization to achieve its vision. To learn more about strategic planning, click here.

Quality Improvement (QI) 

  • NACCHO provides QI training to agencies working towards building a culture of continuous improvement in daily and long-term activities. Following this training, participants will have an understanding of QI principles and practices. To learn more about QI, click here.

NACCHO offers training and subject matter expertise for facilitation of meetings and other group activities:

Facilitation Training 101

  • NACCHO provides a one-day training overview of key facilitation principles, including practical examples and practice. Following this training, participants will understand how to effectively plan for, conduct, and close a meeting while incorporating various facilitation and participation techniques such as focused conversations, group consensus building, and more.

Facilitation or Process Design

  • NACCHO provides facilitation or process design expertise to guide an individual or agency in developing a plan for an upcoming meeting or training. NACCHO’s subject matter experts are trained in facilitation and process design and have a wealth of experience with meeting design and facilitation and can help create an effective agenda based on the goals and objectives for the meeting. 

Workforce development opportunities such as the following support building the knowledge, skills, and abilities of local health departments: 

Workforce Assessments

  • Either on its own, or as part of another service, NACCHO can conduct a training assessment of your workforce to determine the knowledge and skills gaps based on nationally recognized competencies. The basis of the assessment will be customized to your needs – either as part of your accreditation efforts to align with your workforce development plan, or as a customized solution to help inform your training and development program. NACCHO will develop the instrument (or adapt an existing one) to meet your needs, execute the survey, analyze the data, and provide you with a summary report. 
  • In addition to training needs, NACCHO can also conduct assessments around other related topics such as workplace climate, 360 assessments, and other organizational assessments.

eLearning Design

  • NACCHO will work with you to develop asynchronous eLearning modules around training topics of your choice. We will work with you to determine the format, length and complexity of the modules, depending on your timeline and budget. We will provide learning objectives, storyboards, scripts, and graphics for your approval and ultimately provide you with a MP4 video that you can host on your website or learning management system (LMS). 

Curriculum and Training Development

  • Using instructional design methodologies, NACCHO will design your in-person or eLearning training course. Working with subject matter experts and aligned with national quality standards, our education team will produce the materials needed to deliver your subject-specific training. 

Workforce Training Plan

  • Based on the results of your training needs assessment, NACCHO can help you develop a training plan to address the gaps in staff competencies. Components of the plan will include creating workforce development goals, developing a training schedule and curricula, and designing an evaluation plan for monitoring and tracking learning activities. 


  • Emergenetics is an assessment that identifies how people think and behave, which leads to improved ability to communicate, accommodate different behavioral and thinking preferences, and implement change. NACCHO provides the Emergenetics training to foster greater understanding of and appreciation for different thinking and behavioral attributes within a team. To learn more about Emergenetics, click here.

Technical assistance from NACCHO helps public health practitioners advance their work in the following areas: 

Data Collection and Analysis

  • NACCHO’s Research & Evaluation Team can assist with all aspects of planning and executing both quantitative and qualitative data collection projects. NACCHO has experience designing surveys, interview protocols, and focus group guides; programming highly complex web-based surveys; cleaning and analyzing survey and interview data; and developing data visualizations and products that clearly convey the results of your study.

Program Evaluation 

  • NACCHO’s Research & Evaluation Team can assist your organization with a variety of evaluation-related activities, including evaluation planning, developing logic models, designing data collection instruments and systems, and analyzing evaluation data. We can also provide training in evaluation for your staff and partners. 

Web Design

  • NACCHO’s Information Technology Team can provide assistance to your organization when it comes to crafting and launching your web presence. We can provide support to your organization in all aspects of a successful website launch, whether it is developing compelling web designs that best fit your content or acting as a liaison with external contractors. NACCHO’s staff can also help you find the best web technologies to meet your needs, including the selection of a content management system, domain name, and website hosting service. 

Geographic Information System Mapping

  • NACCHO Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services can provide your organization with desktop and web-based mapping products that tell the story of your work and community. Whether tracking a deadly virus, regional floods, or demographic groupings, NACCHO’s GIS mapping will visualize and analyze complex bodies of data giving your organization the ability to make better informed and more cost-effective decisions. Local and state entities are becoming more reliant on metadata to make critical decisions quickly and accurately, and GIS is one of the most effective tools to mobilize response assets and streamline resources according to the needs your communities. 

Discussion-Based and Functional Exercises 

  • NACCHO has a team of trained, experienced, and mobile public health professionals who can assist your organization with designing, executing, facilitating, and evaluating Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP)-compliant tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises. The NACCHO Exercise Team (NExT) has expertise with a variety of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) topics and can align your exercises with public health and hospital preparedness drill requirements and individual planning and programmatic needs.