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NACCHO Podcasts

NACCHO Podcast Series Now Available on iTunes!!

The NACCHO Podcast Series is now available for subscription on iTunes. Click here to subscribe now! The NACCHO Podcast series provides public health professionals with in-depth interviews featuring some of the field's top officials. Listeners can also learn the latest news from Washington, DC with our bi-weekly "Podcast From Washington."

NACCHO Podcast Series
On this week's Podcast from Washington Ian and Eli discuss appropriations, Planned Parenthood, and Partnerships to Improve Community Health.
NACCHO's government affairs team discusses appropriations season and Congress' return into session. Also featured in this episode, the MRC program is facing severe cuts.
Paul Yeghiayan, the President of the Foundation for the Public's Health discussed the Foundation along with his goal's for the coming year, and how the Foundation hopes to impact the public health field.
At NACCHO Annual 2015, Hennepin County Public Health, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was awarded a Model Practice Award for its practice titled, “Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Program within an STD Clinic: An Innovative HIV Prevention Approach for MSM.” As the largest HIV/STD clinic in the state of Minnesota, Hennepin County’s Red Door Clinic added pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, to its existing HIV prevention services in April 2013, just nine months after the FDA approved Truvada for use as PrEP. In this podcast, Ejay Jack, a Community Health Specialist at Hennepin County, discusses how the PrEP program was established, lessons learned through implementation, goals for the program moving forward, and considerations for other local health departments thinking about what they could or should do to support PrEP implementation in their jurisdiction. Additionally, Mr. Jack discusses the health department’s experience submitting an application for NACCHO’s Model Practices Program and what it means to receive a Model Practice designation.
On this week's Podcast from Washington Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discuss appropriations bill mark ups and how you can get involved over the August break while Congressional representatives are in their home districts.
Director of the Office of National Drug Policy Michael Botticelli sat down for a chat with Ian Goldstein about the opioid epidemic and how local health departments can help prevent opioid and prescription drug overdose in their communities.
In order to build comprehensive preparedness plans that are inclusive of populations with functional and access needs, preparedness planners must take a “whole-community” approach towards engaging a diverse range of community partners. On this podcast a panel of local health department preparedness planners who have experience with community partner engagement for the purpose of inclusive medical countermeasure planning explain which partnerships they have established, the approaches they use to engage these partners, and the benefits of such partnerships as they relate to medical countermeasure planning and response.
On part one of this two-part podcast a panel of local health department preparedness planners discusses how they define the preparedness planning needs of at-risk populations in their jurisdictions and how they have accounted for those those with functional and access needs in their medical countermeasure response planning. They will share best practices for how to they have identified these populations in their communities and will share strategies and planning considerations for inclusive medical countermeasure planning.
Government Affairs Director Eli Briggs and Specialist Ian Goldstein discuss the SCOTUS King vs. Burwell ruling as well as appropriations committee markups.
In this week's podcast from Washington Eli and Ian discuss the LHHS mark-up bill in the House Sub-Committee, as well as what you can do while your Congressional member is back home for the July 4 break.
In this week's podcast from Washington Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discussed the newly formed public health caucus and what's happening before the July 4 break.
Baltimore's Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen discussed with Ian Goldstein the role of public health during the Baltimore unrest that occurred after the death of citizen Freddie Gray.
Assistant Director of Health at the West Hartford Bloomfield Health District Aimee Eberly chatted with Ian Goldstein at the 2015 Public Health Preparedness Summit. This podcast focuses on food safety issues in her district.
Director of the Division of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps Captain Rob Tosatto and MRC Coordinator Kara Marsh chatted with Ian Goldstein about the MRC program at the 2015 Public Health Preparedness Summit.
In this week's episode of Podcast From Washington Government Affairs Director Eli Briggs and Specialist Ian Goldstein discuss what Congress has been up to the last month, hearings on opioid and prescription drug overdoes, as well as public health preparedness. Happy Earth Day!
Live from the 2015 Public Health Preparedness Summit Ian Goldstein interviewed Michael McNulty owner and trainer of Fred the Preparedness Dog! Listen as Ian and Michael discuss how Fred became the four-legged spokesman for how to prepare your animals and family for disaster.
Ian Goldstein sat down with District Health Director for Fulton County Board of Health Patrice Harris to discuss the Atlanta Regional Collaboration for Health Improvement.
Division Director for Spokane, WA Regional Health District Lyndia Wilson talked about her health departments' Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Culture of Health Prize award.
On this week's episode Senior Program Analyst Alyssa Banks interviews Professor Matt Sanders, the developer of the internationally renowned Positive Parenting Program (Triple P). He discusses his perspectives on the importance of parenting in a complex and changing world as well as its importance of good parenting in preventing child maltreatment and supporting positive outcomes for children and youth. The interview highlights important opportunities and implications for local public health in supporting parenting skills and education programs.
On this week's episode Senior Program Analyst Alyssa Banks interviews Consumer Federation of America’s Rachel Weintraub on emerging safety issues associated with all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s. The interview highlights national trends as well as policy and prevention opportunities for local public health.
Government Affairs Director Eli Briggs discussed the House budget resolution and appropriations bills in Congress, and how that affects your local health department.
On this week's episode Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discuss NACCHO's "Hill Day" with the Board of Directors and other state and local health officials. They also discuss DHS funding and appropriations.
In this week's episode Ian Goldstein and Eli Briggs discussed the HELP Committee hearing on vaccinations, and a positive report on the US Ebola response.
In this week's episode Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discussed the President's FY2016 budget and how Congress proceeds. They also discussed a Measles outbreak and the age old secret of the importance of handwashing.
In this week's episode Government Affairs Director Eli Briggs discussed the State of the Union as well as initiatives undertaken so far by the 114th Congress.
San Diego Health Director Wilma Wooten sat down to talk about how her health department is keeping San Diegans healthy, and what other local health departments can do to create initiatives to keep those they serve healthy.
NACCHO's Government Affairs Director Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein chat about the 114th Congress and how local health departments can reach out to their new representatives.
In this week's Podcast from Washington Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein break down the FY2015 Congressional budget that was passed over the weekend.
In this episode of "Podcast From Washington" Ian Goldstein and Eli Briggs discussed the congressional budget, Ebola funding, and new regulatory actions.
Whatcom County, WA Health Director Regina Delahunt joined Ian Goldstein at NACCHO Annual 2014 to discuss why her health department was chosen as the winner of NACCHO's Medium Local Health Department of the Year.
Ian Goldstein and Eli Briggs cover the latest from Washington, DC. Topics discussed are Ebola, the new Congress, and the fate of the ACA.
From the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Michelle Larkin discussed the Culture of Health Prize for local health departments.
NACCHO's 2014 Mo Mullet Award Winner Joan Ellison sat down with Ian Goldstein and NACCHO Annual 2014 to discuss her extensive career in public health.
This week on Podcast From Washington Ian Goldstein sits down with NACCHO's Chief of Public and Government Affairs Laura Hanen and Senior Director of Infectious Disease Chris Aldridge to discuss the Ebola outbreak and how local health departments should prepare.
In this week's episode, Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discuss the congressional response to Ebola.
Beth Bickford stopped by to chat at NA14 to discuss insurance billing in regard to the Affordable Care Act.
This week on Podcast From Washington Eli Briggs talks about opioid and prescription drug abuse, as well as National Preparedness Month
In this episode of Podcast From Washington, Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discuss fall session, meeting with members of Congress, and opioid and prescription drug abuse.
Dr. Rahul Gupta sat down with Ian Goldstein at NACCHO Annual 2014 to discuss the Kanawha Charleston Health Department's response to the West Virginia chemical spill.
NACCHO's new President Dr. Georgia Heise discusses her goals for the year with Ian Goldstein. They also discuss her role as Director of the Three Rivers Health Department in Kentucky.
Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Dr. Bechara Choucair sat down with Ian Goldstein to discuss Chicago's smoking policies that helped the city become NACCHO's Large Local Health Department of the Year award winner.
Director of Government Affairs Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein discuss public health news from Washington, DC; including Congressional recess, appropriations, and Ebola outbreaks.
Writer and AP reporter Mike Stobbe joins Ian Goldstein for a discussion about public health reporting and his new book "Surgeon General's Warning: How Politics Crippled the Nation's Doctor."
NACCHO Government Relations Director Eli Briggs sits down with Ian Goldstein to discuss public health policy and news from Washington in a weekly segment.
NACCHO's Small Local Health Department of the Year winner Macon County, NC is recognized in this podcast with Health Director Jim Bruckner.
NACCHO President-Elect Swannie Jett joins Eli Briggs and Ian Goldstein at NACCHO Annual 2014 to discuss government affairs in public health.
Podcast from Washington is a weekly podcast in the NACCHO Podcast series with Ian Goldstein and Eli Briggs. Together they discuss advocacy for local health departments at the national level. This is the first podcast of the series.
Dr Sheri Finks sits down with Ian Goldstein to discuss her career as both a medical doctor and as an investigative journalist. She discusses her latest book, "Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital."
An informative discussion between Ian Goldstein and Dr. Alonzo Plough Chief Science Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Listen as they discuss preparedness initiatives and goals for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recorded at the 2014 Public Health Preparedness Summit.
Associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at the University of Oklahoma John Tassey discussed the response to the Oklahoma City Bombing, and the long-term effects of a terrorist attack to a community almost 20 years later.
Director for the office of Public Health Preparedness at the Boston Public Health Commission Atyia Martin discussed the response to the Boston Marathon Bombing, and reflect on the year anniversary.
Director for Polk County Health Department Gretchen Sampson and Associate Scientist at the Univ. of Wisconsin Population Health Institute Julie Willems Van Dijk discuss community health assessments and community health improvement plans.
Senior Program Officer at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pamela Russo. Listen as they discuss local partnerships that contribute to a community's health.
Office of State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support (OSTLTS) Director Dr. Judy Monroe. Listen as they discuss the Affordable Care Act and how OSTLTS helps support the new law.
Pittsburgh Medical Center Senior Associate Monica Schoch-Spana discusses her National survey of emergency preparedness coordinators to help improve community engagement practices.
NACCHO President Terry Allan discusses his initiatives for NACCHO over the next year.
Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health Dr. Bechara Choucair discusses his implementation of "Healthy Chicago," an initiative to make Chicago the healthiest city in America.
CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden, discusses the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and the future of Public Health under sequestration
Director for the Office of Health Emergency Preparedness at the NY State Health Department Michael J. Primeau discusses the emergency response efforts during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and Tropical Storm Lee.
ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser discusses public health response to disasters and emergencies from the Public Health Preparedness Summit 2013 in Atlanta, GA.
Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee Chairs Marthe Gold and Steven M. Teutsch on For the Public's Health: Investing in a Healthier Future
Authors of "What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets" Faith D''Alusio and Peter Menzel discuss diets, travel, and public health.
Ian Goldstein discusses local health departments and the year ahead with new NACCHO President John Wiesman.
Helen Scheibner talks to Ian Goldstein about public health when she first began her career in 1947
Dr. Sean Smith talks about the first hours after the Joplin Tornado hit in 2011.
Ian Goldstein sits down with NACCHO President Lillian Shirley to discuss public health goals.
Dr. Nicole Lurie talks about public health funding for preparedness and other preparedness issues.
Contagion Screenwriter Scott Z. Burns and Dr. Ian Lipkin; Fact or Fiction: The story behind the creation of the hit movie Contagion.
Harvard Professor John McDonough discusses national healthcare reform.
HHS Chief Technology Officer, Todd Park, discusses implementing online health records.
Deputy Director of the CDC, Dr. Judith Monroe Twitter Chat. Dr. Judith Monroe takes public health questions via Twitter.
NACCHO University Podcast Series
Assistant Director of Health at the West Hartford Bloomfield Health District Aimee Eberly chatted with Ian Goldstein at the 2015 Public Health Preparedness Summit. This podcast focuses on food safety issues in her district.
This podcast highlights how FDA’s Retail Food Program Standards and PHAB’s Standards and Measures complement each other and how local health departments have applied their knowledge regarding Retail Program Standards to meet required PHAB documentation
Brandie Adams-Piphus, MPH, NACCHO Senior Program Analyst describes the role of the local health department in advancing evidence-based public health and helpful resources. By the end of the podcast, listeners will be able to: · Define evidence-based public health and the role of the LHD in evidence-based public health · Describe how NACCHO's Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making and Planning can help carry out LHDs' role in evidence-based public health · Utilize tools and resources that can help LHDs put NACCHO's Framework for Evidence-Based Decision Making and Planning into practice
This podcast highlights the critical functions local health departments undertake to ensure food is safe to buy, cook, and eat. This podcast also explores the challenges experienced by some local health departments
Jack Herrmann (Senior Advisor and Chief of Public Health Programs, NACCHO), Karen Smith (Public Health Officer, Napa County, CA), and Jennifer Olsen (Manager of Pandemics, Skoll Global Threats Fund) discuss the burgeoning field of Digital Disease Detection (DDD) and the many ways social media and public health apps can be used in real-time disease outbreak identification and surveillance. Speakers give different examples of DDD public health applications (e.g. FluNearYou) and address certain challenges to using DDD, including privacy concerns.
Chas Eby (Chief Planner, Emergency Preparedness, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene) and Karla Black (Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Kent County Health Department, Michigan) discuss best practices for developing preparedness plans that include people living with disabilities. Presenters describe how Local Health Departments (LHDs) are uniquely situated to meet the access and functional needs of community members and what resources they should seek through the state. Chas and Karla describe tools used in their respective communities to assist those living with disabilities (e.g. the MA DOHMH online tool for tracking power outages in nursing homes, as well as mental health and assisted living facilities.)
In this podcast, Dave Dyjack (Associate Executive Director, NACCHO) and Sam Wong (Director of Public and Community Health Services, Town of Hudson, MA) discuss the impacts of disasters on food safety (including issues of refrigeration and water safety) and the ways in which local health departments partner with community businesses to promote food safety. Presenters also discuss NACCHO’s role as a clearinghouse of food safety best practices and its provision of technical assistance to local health departments.
This podcast highlights the Disaster Distress Helpline (DDH), a national network of crisis centers that provides counseling and educational services to people impacted by disasters. Melanie Avrut (Program Manager, Here 2 Help Connect) also discusses an affiliated project, the Project Hope Crisis Counseling Program, which provided services to Hurricane Sandy survivors. Joe Samalin (Outreach Manage, DDH) and Christian Burgess (Director of DDH) touch on disaster behavioral health and the barriers people face when seeking disaster-related counseling services. Speakers also discuss different populations in need of said services (first responders, victims’ families, people staffing relief centers, etc.) and how those populations can overlap. This video also highlights the key benefits of disaster hotlines, namely that they are available 24/7 and can provide services spanning disaster pre-impact, mitigation, rescue response, and long-term recovery.
Lisa Koonin (Influenza Coordination Unit, CDC), Alex Adams (National Association Chain Drug Stores), and Mitch Rothholz (American Pharmacists Association) describe a changing healthcare landscape that, more and more, focuses on community pharmacies, due to their widespread accessibility and availability and the broad range of services they offer (e.g. immunization dispensing, patient counseling, screenings for diseases like influenza and strep, etc.) This podcast highlights the benefits of incorporating pharmacists into public health emergency response, given their diverse skills and capabilities, and also addresses ways to overcome barriers – including legal barriers – to partnering with pharmacies.
This podcast describes how FDA Retail Program Standards guide retail food regulatory program managers in the design and administration of a retail food regulatory program, and how local health department staff have benefited from their participation in the NACCHO Mentorship Program.