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State of Texas Functional Needs Support Services Tool Kit


To provide planning guidance to local emergency management and shelter planners, the State of Texas FNSS Integration Committee has created a tool kit that can be incorporated into existing shelter plans to meet access and functional needs in general population shelters. This tool kit provides guidance to assist planners in understanding the requirements related to sheltering children and adults with and without disabilities who have access and functional needs in the state of Texas. FNSS and provided guidance are designed to assist in planning and resource allocation for sheltering operations whether government, Non Governmental Organization (NGO), faith- or private-based to meet the access and functional needs of children and adults. This tool kit is designed to provide first responders and emergency management professionals basic information about interacting with Texans with disabilities during a disaster and to identify disability leaders in the local communities.


EQUIPh Toolkit

Keyword Area:

All-Hazards, Disability, Vulnerable Populations


Institutional Author:

Texas Department of Public Safety





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