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Tools and Templates: PHAB Standards and MI Local Accreditation: a Tracking Tool for LHDs


The document provides a crosswalk of PHAB standards and Michigan local public health accreditation requirements,  and can be used by local health departments to monitor progress toward applying for national public health accreditation.

The document includes:
  • PHAB Version 1.0 domains and standards. All 12 PHAB domains are included.
  • An indication of whether or not the standard is also measured within Michigan’s system utilizing the minimum program requirements in the Cycle 4 tool.  
  • Suggestions for how local health departments within the state of Michigan may be able to potentially meet the PHAB standards with documentation/evidence currently required to meet the minimum program requirements in MLPHAP. Evidence or documentation examples drawn from the Michigan Accreditation Program, Cycle 4, where available.
  • Space to track completed and outstanding requirements for national public health accreditation.
The document does not address the individual PHAB measures within standards; the comparisons between the two accreditation systems are presented at the PHAB Standard/MLHAP MPR level. Furthermore, the Crosswalk does not give all of the possible documentation necessary to meet the PHAB standards as they are contained in the PHAB Version 1.0 Standards and Measures, but rather gives examples to give the reader an idea of the types of documentation required.


Accreditation Preparation Toolkit

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