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Safe Routes to School National Partnership Final Position Paper on Students with Disabilities


The Safe Routes to School National Partnership (the Partnership) has produced this paper to apprise Congress, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the National Center for Safe Routes to School (the Clearinghouse) about what they consider to be the top four non-infrastructure initiatives needed to serve students with disabilities through Safe Routes to School programs. This paper is organized to address background and need, challenges and benefits, and four recommendations which focus on training and curricula; outreach to parents and students; pilot programs; and evaluation of the inclusion efforts for students with disabilities in Safe Routes to School programs. Please note that this paper does not specifically address infrastructure, community design, connectivity or ADA construction issues, which are also needed to ensure accessibility and safety for all travelers.

Primary Toolkit:

Healthy Community Design Toolkit

Secondary Toolkits:

Health and Disability Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Active Living, Adolescents, Child, Chronic Disease, Community Design, Disability, Environmental Health, Obesity, Physical Activity, School, Transportation Planning


Institutional Author:

Safe Routes to School National Partnership





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