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The City of Lewes (DE) Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Action Plan


This report summarizes the process and results from a pilot project- a project that has helped theCity of Lewes enhance local understanding of climate change and natural hazards impacts and begin devising strategies to build resilience towards these impacts. This project engaged key local stakeholders (City staff, City Board/ Commission members, and RegionalI State partners) as well as the public and resulted in this summary report and six initial recommendations for the City to begin implementing. Given the increasing future threats that Lewes faces, the overall goal of the Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation pilot project has been to further the City’s hazard mitigation work by incorporating climate adaptation. The project has developed this unified plan that aims to improve community sustainability and resilience. Local officials and residents have been engaged through four workshops to determine the City’s greatest existing and future vulnerabilities and to chart a course of action to reduce these vulnerabilities.


Climate Change Toolkit

Keyword Area:

Adaptation, Climate, Environmental Health, Mitigation, Natural Disaster


Institutional Author:

Delaware Sea Grant College Program; ICLEI; University of Delaware





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