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Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

NACCHO is strengthening local health departments' capacity to respond to and control infectious diseases. Cases or suspected cases of new and emerging infections are likely to appear in community hospitals, private provider offices, and community health centers, making local health departments frontline responders. Approaches to preventing infectious disease or controlling its spread depend on identifying causes and understanding how they can most effectively be addressed.

In the Spotlight

NACCHO has created the new guide, “Flu Near You: A Guide to Engaging in Participatory Disease Surveillance,” to help local health departments get started with the Flu Near You platform to benefit their community’s flu awareness and tracking efforts. Through Flu Near You, thousands of volunteers answer a brief, weekly digital questionnaire about their health for crowd-sourced flu surveillance. More »

Featured Fact Sheet

Learn more about the threat of antimicrobial resistance and how local health departments can combat resistance and promote antimicrobial stewardship. More »