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Chronic Disease Prevention

In the Spotlight

The holidays are a perfect time to encourage lifestyle change around healthier eating options. NACCHO over the 2014 holidays will feature messages, articles, and resources for local health departments to use to provide targeted messaging on healthy eating policies, system enhancements and environmental change strategies. By addressing some of the risk factors within our local communities, we will help to improve health outcomes relative to chronic disease (i.e. diabetes, hypertension, stroke, and cardiovascular disease):

If you have an innovative story to share on how you and your local community have been successfully reducing chronic disease by addressing these risk factors, we would like to hear from you! Please submit a Success Story here.

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NACCHO's Chronic Disease Prevention Team is working with the goal of engaging and enhancing local health department's ability to expand evidence- and practice-based chronic disease prevention activities in their communities and promote change at the policy, systems, and environmental levels in order to reduce the burden of chronic diseases.  

Chronic Disease Advisory Group

The Healthy Living and Prevention Workgroup, comprised of local health officials and programmatic staff with chronic disease policy and/or built environment expertise, is the advisory group for NACCHO's chronic disease projects. The workgroup (1) helps define NACCHO's chronic disease priorities and policies; (2) provides guidance on how NACCHO can best assist LHDs to address these priorities; and (3) provides guidance on federal/national chronic disease initiatives. Regular communication with the workgroup is essential to informing NACCHO's work and the work of NACCHO's partners.

Connect with the Chronic Disease TeamConnect with the Chronic Disease Team

NACCHO welcomes requests for chronic disease prevention planning and technical assistance from any local public health department, please send your requests to

Our current projects include the following:

Webinars and Trainings

NACCHO Webinar - Implementing Health in All Policies at the Local Level: Experiences from Local Health Departments

Many communities face a variety of complex issues that significantly impact health, which are often driven by multiple factors outside the public health or healthcare sectors. Health in All Policies (HiAP) offers an approach that seeks to address complex challenges and improve the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making processes and emphasizing the need to collaborate across sectors to achieve common goals and innovatively tackle problems. 

The webinar showcased the implementation of HiAP in three U.S. cities - Houston, Baltimore City, and San Diego - and aimed to discuss:

  • How local health departments and their partners are implementing HiAP approaches in their communities
  • Successful strategies and tactics to implement HiAP

Lessons learned and pearls of wisdom from their experiences engaging in this work to improve the health of communities using a multiple determinants of health framework

New Content on Evidence-Based Public Health Available in NACCHO University

NACCHO is pleased to release its new podcast titled, A Public Health with Impact: The Path to What Works. The podcast features Brandie Adams-Piphus, MPH, NACCHO Senior Program Analyst who describes the role of the local health department in advancing evidence-based public health and helpful resources. This podcast is designed to increase local health officials' awareness of their role in using evidence-based public health practice to prevent chronic disease and keep people healthier. View the podcast here.

Phase VII Geographic Information Systems (GIS) State Training

NACDD recently released the RFA for the next cohort of state and local health departments to participate in the program for "Building GIS Capacity in State and Local Health Departments for Surveillance of Heart Disease, Stroke and Other Chronic Diseases"

Here are the key dates:

Applications Due:                                            January 9, 2015

Award Notification:                                        February 16, 2015           

Local Health Department Eligibility

Local health departments are eligible to apply if staff the State Health Department in their state have already participated in this project.

That includes local health departments in the following states:  CA, CO,  ID,  IN,  IO,  KS,  LA  ME,  MA,  MI,  MN,  MS, MT,  NE, NC,  NM ,NY, PA, SC, SD, UT, VT

Resources and News

CDPublicationsChronic Disease Publications List 

NACCHO Chronic Disease Team develops innovative publications with strong member involvement to ensure a practice-relevant approach. The Chronic Disease Prevention Publications List is a compilation of the publications related to chronic disease, cancer, diabetes and tobacco prevention. Click here to access the document.

FDA Menu Labeling Regulations 

The Food and Drug Administration released the final regulations for calorie labeling of standard menu items at chain food service establishments (with 20 or more outlets nationally), including fast-food and sit-down restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and movie theaters. Calorie counts will be posted for all items on menus and menu boards, and on display tags for salad bars, bakery items and soda dispensers. A companion rule requires calorie labeling for vending machines

Article: Patients with Undiagnosed Hypertension: Hiding in Plain Sight

This article illustrates how many patients within our health care systems are presenting with elevated blood pressures but are not identified as having hypertension and are not receiving treatment for it. The article describes the efforts that several health care systems have used to identify patients with undiagnosed.