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Tobacco Prevention and Control

Through the Tobacco Prevention and Control project, NACCHO aims to provide local health departments (LHDs) with resources to reduce the impact of tobacco in their communities and works collaboratively with partners to ensure the integration of national, state, and local tobacco control efforts. More »

In the Spotlight

The FDA has released new training videos to assist retailers in better understanding the tobacco sales requirements of the Tobacco Control Act. These tools can be used in your community to limit inappropriate sales of tobacco products. The public can also help by reporting tobacco sales violations to the FDA through an online form or by calling FDA's Center for Tobacco Products at 1-877-CTP-1373.

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Graphic - LHD policy work in tobacco (2013 Profile)
Another Community Limits Public Use of E-cigarettes

In Greenfield, Wisconsin, the Common Council voted on October 8, 2014 to extend smoking prohibitions within the city to include electronic smoking devices. This comprehensive ordinance includes prohibiting use of any electronic smoking device in all Greenfield school buildings and grounds, municipal buildings, and any indoor work place area within the city. Darren Rausch, Health Officer/Director, stated, "this ordinance protects the public health, safety, comfort, and general welfare of the residents of Greenfield." Over 200 communities across the country have created local policies to limit use and purchase of e-cigarettes. Find NACCHO's recommendations for regulation of electronic cigarettes in NACCHO's Policy Statement.

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