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Course Materials

Course Materials

The Guidebook is written for local public health officials by local public health officials.  It assumes that the local public health agencies will facilitate the process, but nothing prevents other agencies, organizations, or individuals from facilitating.

  • PACE EH—a tool offering local health officials guidance in conducting a community-based environmental health assessment and creating an accurate profile of a community’s environmental health status  
  • PACE EH in Practice—provides illustrations of lessons learned through local applications of PACE EH

All PACE publications are available online and are offered to NACCHO members for free or at discounted rates. Links to supplemental materials and information on technical assistance provided by NACCHO staff and peer advisors can be found on NACCHO’s Web site as well.

In order to view all of the materials, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on the computer.  In order to download a free copy click here.