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February 2006 MAPP TA Webcast

» Listen to the February 2006 Webcast

Evaluation: How to Measure Success

Facilitator:  Leonadi Ward


Dialogue for New Awareness

Overview of MAPP

Heidi Deutsch, MA, MSDM


Evaluating Complex Partnerships

Clarissa Hsu, PhD

Senior Research Program Mananager

Center for Community Health & Evaluation

Engaging Your Community in Practical Program Evaluation

Stephanie Welch, MS-MPH, RD, LDN

Healthy Weight Program Director

Knox County Health Department (TN)

Evaluating Progress Towards Strategic Issues

Alan Kalos, MEd

Planning Administrator

Northern Kentucky District Health Department (KY)

Relevant Resources:

Roe, Kathleen and Roe, Kevin. (2004)  Dialogue Boxes: A Tool for Collaborative Process Evaluation. Health Promotion Practice. 5(2).  138-150.