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Domain 3 Documentation Examples

Domain 3: Inform and educate about public health issues and functions
Domain 3 focuses on educating the public. This domain assesses the health department's processes for continuing communication as standard operating procedures.

The population that a health department serves should have accurate and reliable information about how to protect and promote individual and family health. They should have information about healthy behaviors, such as good nutrition, hand washing, and seat belt use. The population should have access to accurate and timely information in the case of particular health risks like H1N1, a food borne disease outbreak, or an anthrax attack. Such information should be communicated in a language and format that people can understand. Public health departments also have a responsibility to educate the public about the value, roles, and responsibilities of the health department and the meaning and importance of public health. 

These educational responsibilities require a continuing flow of information. To be effective, delivery of information shouldn't be a one-way street. For the health department to communicate with the public accurately, reliably, and in a timely manner, it must gather and use information that it receives from federal, Tribal, state, and other local health departments. It also needs input from community partners and the population and sub-groups of the population that it serves. Communication requires dialogue with the target population to assure that the message is relevant, culturally sensitive, and linguistically appropriate.

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