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Standard 5.3: Strategic Plan


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Standard 5.3: Develop and implement a health department organizational strategic plan

Strategic planning is a process for defining and determining an organization's roles, priorities, and direction over three to five years. A strategic plan sets forth what an organization plans to achieve, how it will achieve it, and how it will know if it has achieved it. The strategic plan provides a guide for making decisions on allocating resources and on taking action to pursue strategies and priorities. A health department's strategic plan focuses on the entire health department. Health department programs may have program-specific strategic plans that complement and support the health department's organizational strategic plan.

Required documentation by measure
Keep these considerations in mind when selecting documentation for this standard:
  • Strategic planning process can be led by staff or by outside agency
  • If the health department is part of an umbrella agency, it must be actively involved in the planning process
  • Strategic plan should be linked to the health improvement plan for the community and the QI plan for the agency
Measure 5.3.1 A: Conduct a department strategic planning process

Required Documentation Examples
1. Description of elements of planning process Strategic Planning process

Strategic Planning retreat description and materials

Measure purpose: to assess the health department's strategic planning process.
Measure 5.3.2 A: Adopt a department strategic plan

Required Documentation
1. Health department strategic plan
See NACCHO's Strategic Plan Page for high quality examples                                

Measure purpose: to assess the department's completion and adoption of a department strategic plan.
Measure 5.3.3 A: Implement the department strategic plan

Required Documentation
1. Annual reports of progress  

Measure purpose: to assess the health department's implementation of its strategic plan