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Story of Measurable Improvement in Public Health

Name of Health Department/Agency: Genesee County Health Department
State: MI
Contact Name: April L. Swartout
Contact Information: aswartout@gchd.us
Date Added: 6/26/2011
Program/Topic Area: Staff trainings
QI techniques/tools:  5-whys, Flowchart, Force-field analysis, Pareto Chart, Process Mapping, Data Chart
Description of the process and intervention: The goal of this QI effort was to increase the number of staff trainings documented in the central training database by 50% and ensure that 100% of all trainings documented have 100% of the fields completed in the database. It was determined that the root cause of the problem was a lack of staff knowledge on how to properly document trainings in the central database. The tested interventions included educational e-mails to department management teams informing on what is considered to be a training and the long term goals of documenting trainings, creating weekly screensavers reminding staff to document their trainings, and including information about documenting trainings in the staff newsletter.
Result/outcome: As a result of the staff trainings, the percentage of undocumented staff trainings in the central training database decreased from 31 to 20. The percent of incomplete entries in the database decreased from 85 to 0.
Next Steps: Next steps include revising the process map and policy to reflect changes to documentation process, streamlining the data collection form to improve staff satisfaction, and linking staff training information collected with public health competencies.

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