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Form an Accreditation Preparation Team


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The health Director must appoint an accreditation coordinator to oversee the accreditation process. Additionally, a multidisciplinary accreditation preparation team must be formed and, depending on size and structure of the LHD, consist of any combination of senior management, management, program staff, and frontline staff. The following resources will assist with forming the accreditation preparation team.  

PHAB's Accreditation Coordinator Handbook
The Accreditation Coordinator is the person responsible for coordinating the application and accreditation process within the health department. PHAB has developed a guide that includes requirements for the Accreditation Coordinator and other considerations when selecting or appointing the staff person. More »
Accreditation 101 PowerPoint for Orienting Staff
An early step in accreditation preparation is orienting LHD staff to the process. LHD staff may have little knowledge about what accreditation means, why it is important, and what the process entails. Local health officials (LHOs) that have decided to apply for accreditation can use the training material below to present to staff the basics of accreditation and how the agency will begin to prepare.

  • This presentation is designed for LHOs that have decided to apply for accreditation and are ready to begin orienting staff to move toward preparation.
  • This presenter's guide helps LHOs or other staff prepare and give the presentation above.
  • This document includes answers to some FAQs about accreditation.
Organizational Guide to Self-Study Process
This guide for local health departments walks through the principle steps in undertaking the process for collecting PHAB documentation including forming the accreditation preparation team, orienting staff to accreditation, gathering documentation, and identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Additionally, this guide for tribal health departments is intended to assist THD staff in undertaking a self-study process in a meaningful manner and in alignment with PHAB requirements. Like the LHD guide, on which it is based, it helps THDs identify strengths and uncover gaps in performance based on the PHAB standards and measures. This tool accompanies the guide. These tools were developed in collaboration with Red Star Innovations.

Story from the Field: Three Rivers District Health Department
In this local health department Story from the Field, Three Rivers District Health Department in Kentucky describes how they use their vision to pursue accreditation. TRDHD was one of PHAB's first applicants because of their careful and thorough preparation work. 

Click the "more" link below to view this story; click here to view all of NACCHO's accreditation and QI Stories from the Field. More »