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Healthy People 2020 Stories from the Field

NACCHO is continually developing stories from the field about health departments conducting a community health assessment and developing a community health improvement plan using Healthy People 2020. Check back often as new stories will be posted periodically.



  • Plumas County Public Health Agency Collaborative CHA and CHIP: A look at how three hospitals, one local health department, and a tribal health clinic in this small, rural county are navigating past organizational mistrust, competing priorities, and strong intra-community identities to examine their community's health status and take action to improve health and well-being. More »
  • San Francisco Department of Public Health Collaborative CHA and CHIP: With collective impact as their primary goal, take a look at how eight hospitals, one local health department, and many other partners are working to identify the salient issues in their CHNA and taking action to improve the health of San Franciscans in implementing their CHIP. More »


  • Norwalk Health Department Collaborative CHA and CHIP: A look at a strengths-based partnership between the local health department and the hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut, that embodies nearly seamless co-leadership of a community health improvement process yielding a community health (needs) assessment and CHIP. For this group, their ability to recognize their strengths and limitations is the foundation of their work. More »


  • Healthy! Capital Counties Collaborative CHA and CHIP: In the Greater Capital Area of Michigan, three local health departments and four hospital systems collaborated to complete a regional CHA and CHIP that emphasized addressing the root causes of poor health outcomes. Here is a look at how they worked together and how they're moving forward to take action to improve health. More »


  • Gallatin City-County Health Department Collaborative CHA and CHIP: A look at how a local health department and local hospital in Bozeman, Montana are working together to apply community health assessment results to improve health in a rural and large area in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. More »


  • Multnomah County Health Department (OR) Collaborative Community Health Assessment: A look at how one community in Portland, Oregon is collaborating with four local health departments and 14 non-profit hospitals to conduct a regional community health needs assessment. More »


  • Hospitals, Public Health Creating Community Value: Practical Tools for Moving Into Implementation: Background on  Wisconsin (WI) communities are conducting the community health improvement process under the WI statutory requirement for health departments to develop a community health improvement plan and process (CHIPP) and an in depth look at two rural counties where hospitals and public health are collaborating in their CHIPP efforts.   More »