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Phase 1: Columbus, OH Vignette

Organize for Success/Partnership Development

Beginning in January 2000, the Columbus Health Department received a grant from the Ohio Department of Health to engage in a process to improve the health system in Franklin County. The Columbus Health Department had previously been engaged in a desktop review exercise of APEXCPH (soon to become MAPP). The community group working on the desktop review formed the core of the Health System Improvement (HSI) project.

The main objectives of the HSI were to catalogue current health reports, establish baseline health indicators, develop a uniform health report format and timing schedule (and publish sample reports), begin to track the impact of major health improvement initiatives in the county, and publish a health system improvement guide to help community members understand the system and become engaged in the improvement process. This grant ended in July 2001.

The Columbus Health Department officially began the MAPP Demonstration Project in January 2001 with the same core group assembled for the HSI. This group included representatives from both health departments in the county, the low-income primary care health centers system, a major funder of health initiatives, two hospital systems, a Medicaid HMO, and the state hospital association. Within the health department, representatives came from administration, epidemiology, and community family planning. For MAPP, representation has been expanded to include several community resident members, a small business representative, two representatives from the faith community, and other major health initiative representatives.

The MAPP group in Columbus has been able to quickly move from the Organization Phase to Visioning owing to the group members' long association with each other. The group has formed a subcommittee to develop ways to engage neighborhoods in the project. This has been successful and three neighborhoods have been engaged to begin mini-MAPP projects.

For information on Columbus' subsequent activities, see:
Columbus Contact Information:
Mike Smeltzer, MPH
Columbus Health Department
240 Parsons Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215
Tel: 614-645-6751
Fax: 614-645-1753
Email: mikes@columbus.gov