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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement Web site
This Web site, produced by the Public Health Foundation in cooperation with other public health partners, provides public health planning, program development, progress tracking, and evaluation tools. More »
How to Monitor for Population Health Outcomes

This 52-page article, "How to Monitor for Population Health Outcomes: Guidelines for Developing a Monitoring Framework," was written by Dr. John Wren and published by the New Zealand Ministry of Health in July 2007. It provides guidance on how to develop indicators to monitor progress in achieving population health outcomes. More »

Memory Jogger™ II
The new Public Health version of Goal QPC''s popular quick reference guide, Memory Jogger™ II, contains 22 tools for quality improvement with easy-to-follow how-to instructions, tips, and illustrations specific to public health. These tools can help your organization discover the root causes of performance problems with a cause and effect (fishbone) diagram; organize ideas with an affinity diagram; analyze performance data with Pareto charts, control charts, or radar charts; set priorities with multi-voting or a priority matrix; monitor the impact of changes with check sheets; and much more. More »
CDC Program Evaluation Resources
The CDC Evaluation Working Group provides program evaluation resources and includes guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation. More »
W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide
This Logic Model Development Guide provides step-by-step guidance on using logic models for program planning, implementation, and evaluation. More »
Gliffy Online Diagram Software
This free online diagram software can help MAPP communities diagram planning, evaluation, and communication materials such as organizational charts, logic models, flowcharts, and business processes. More »