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Clearinghouse Phase 3: Forces of Change Assessment (FOC)

Conducting the Assessment
FOC Brainstorming Worksheet
This two-page worksheet defines forces of change and provides a space for assessment teams to brainstorm a list of forces relevant to their own community. More »
FOC Threats and Opportunities Worksheet
This one-page worksheet provides a space for assessment teams to think about the forces of change present in their community and list the threats and opportunities posed by these forces. More »
Summarize Your Findings
Example FOC Categories – Matrix 
San Antonio's MAPP partnership developed this matrix to categorize forces of change. The matrix describes each force in terms of the event, factors, and trends. More »
Example FOC Summary – Matrix
This matrix, designed by Mendocino's MAPP partnership, shows the impact of the forces of change assessment on a community-specific and county-wide level. More »