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Workforce Development and Training

NACCHO is committed to a competent workforce in local health departments (LHDs). NACCHO offers a variety of workshops and trainings, supports and promotes leadership development and core competency efforts, and engages in national policy discussions to address pressing public health workforce issues.


The Workforce Resource Center provides a list of helpful tools and information concerning the public health workforce.

NACCHO University - New Learning Opportunities

NACCHO University, NACCHO’s new online learning platform, provides courses to help local health department staff develop their public health knowledge and competencies. Additional NACCHO tools are also available to provide guidance during public health emergencies, assistance with community environmental health assessments, and resources for strategic planning to improve community health (MAPP). Visit NACCHO University. More »

Explore NACCHO's Workforce Resource Center!

NACCHO’s Workforce Resource Center serves as a new hub for local health departments to access information and tools on topics relevant to the development of a more competent workforce. This new resource center offers tools and resources to learn more about the following:


  • Workforce-oriented accreditation prerequisites
  • Certifications and competencies for public health practitioners
  • Listing of partner resources
  • NACCHO’s workforce policy statements
  • NACCHO’s workforce publications 
  • Leadership development literature

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