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National Preparedness Month 2020: Make a Plan

Sep 01, 2020 | Beth Hess

Before a disaster happens is the time to talk to your friends and family about how you will respond. During this first week of National Preparedness Month is a great time to make a plan.

As a first step, put a plan together by discussing the types of disasters that could affect your area and issues like where you will seek shelter, evacuation routes, and how you will communicate with each other. New this year, remember to update your emergency plan with considerations for the Cornavirus, which may impact things like what you include in your emergency kit and where you can seek shelter.

As a second step, consider the specific needs of your household including needs based on age, dietary concerns, pets, cultural and religious considerations, and medical needs including prescriptions.

As a third step, fill out a Family Emergency Plan like this one for parents to collect all your vital information in a central location and have it readily available to share with those who need it.

Finally, practice your plan with your family or household. This will ensure all members of your household are comfortable with the elements of your plan and provide a chance to answer questions before a disaster happens.

Find a variety of resources to help you make your plan on

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