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Stories from the Field provides a means for local health departments to share their experiences and demonstrate the value of public health.

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Better Balance in Broome with Fall Prevention Programs

(BINGHAMTON, NY) – During National Public Health Week the Broome County Health Department is putting the emphasis on...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Arm Floats

Recently I was talking with a community group about injury prevention and ways they could incorporate lessons and safe...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Healing from Trauma

While participating in a trauma training workshop on January 19, 2012 to learn how to enhance skills on how to work...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt

The story I will tell is about the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

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My name is Christine Connolly and I am the Director of Health and Human Services for the Town of Arlington, MA. I have...

Aug 07, 2013 | Guest Author

Changed My Life Forever

My name is Bonnie Brantley, I started out my career as a Emergency Medical Technician. I got in to this career to help...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Anyone Can Get Poisoned and Everyone Needs the Poison Center

I was looking forward to celebrating Cinco de mayo with friends one Saturday night and was preparing a jalapeno cheddar...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing

Three Rivers District Health Department received a grant from the Komen affiliate in Lexington, KY to purchase a dragon...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

Motivators Not Just Inspectors

In the past, when someone wanted to open a small scale food business, I would mail the multitude of codes, applications...

Aug 07, 2013 | Alyson Jordan

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