Member Sections

NACCHO Sections are specialty groups that focus on a unique area of local public health ―allowing for more in-depth examination of issues, policy papers, access to cutting-edge strategies and national trends. In addition, Sections provide for professional and social networking, career development and mentoring.

To be a Section member, an individual must have an active membership in NACCHO. Anyone who is a member of NACCHO may join a Section.

NACCHO seeks to support the rural health department’s role as strategist in leveraging investments that strengthen the performance and management of their health system, increasing the access to high quality foundational capabilities and essential health services, and engaging individuals, coalitions and communities in the management of their own health and health services to ensure better health outcomes and improved population health status.

This initiative calls for the development of Rural Health Section composed of NACCHO members and partners working together on specific rural public health issues across multidisciplinary and programmatic expertise in support of NACCHO’s mission. It is seen as an exclusive team of local health professionals and national partners assembled to articulate a high level strategy for advocacy, goal attainment, structural system requirements, resources and approaches to improve rural health.

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