Faces of Local Public Health: Kimberly Reilly

July 2018 Kim Reilly Photo

Submitter: Patricia High, Assistant Public Health Coordinator, phigh@ochd.org

Nominee: Kimberly Reilly, MA, LPC, Chief of Administrative Services

Health Department: Ocean County Health Department, Toms River, New Jersey

Why Kimberly is July 2018’s Face of Local Public Health?

The Ocean County Health Department understands that the success we experience is rooted in the commitment of our public health professionals that strive daily to impact the lives of our residents. Among these professionals, Kimberly Reilly, MA, LPC, has demonstrated tremendous leadership in responding to a myriad of diverse issues impacting Ocean County, including the opiate epidemic changing the face of public health in our jurisdiction.

Mrs. Reilly serves as the lead on the Ocean County Fatality Review Pilot Program, an innovative and collaborative program partnering 33 diverse public health, acute care, behavioral health, federal and local law enforcement, and social service organizations. These partners meet together to perform social autopsies of overdose-related decedents in an effort to inform an understanding of the complex biological and social determinants of opiate addiction and to identify the earliest opportunities for prevention and intervention.

Despite the crisis addiction plays in our country, it is public health professionals like Mrs. Reilly that work diligently to establish data-informed interventions to prevent future drug addiction and promote evidence-based and innovative prevention programming for our youth and young adults.