Who’s Who: Melissa Marquis, MS, RN

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March 2018 - Committee/Workgroup Chair Profile

Who's Who features committee and workgroup chairs as a way to recognize NACCHO's volunteer leaders. This month's featured chair is Melissa Marquis, MS, RN from West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District (Bloomfield, CT) and Farmington Valley Health District (Canton, CT).

Melissa Marquis, MS, RN

West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District (Bloomfield, CT) 

Farmington Valley Health District (Canton, CT)

NACCHO Leadership Role: Preparedness, Planning, Outcomes and Measurement (PPOM). I have been chair for the last 1.5 years, and was Vice-chair for about a year prior to taking over as chair.

Why I enjoy working with NACCHO: I enjoy leading the PPOM workgroup because of the people, connections and networking opportunities it brings. Everyone on the workgroup brings a different set of experience and expertise that are invaluable to the work we do. I also enjoy the additional opportunities that being the chair of a workgroup/committee offer; including participating on additional workgroups or ad hoc committees through other federal partners, participating in meetings as a liaison to NACCHO, and being part of the Preparedness Committee. All these opportunities provide additional insight into work that is being done nationally to improve Public Health and Public Health Preparedness. 

About Melissa Marquis

Melissa Marquis has been employed by the West Hartford-Bloomfield Health District and Farmington Valley Health District as their Public Health Emergency Response Specialist for the last 4 years. In this role, Melissa is responsible for developing and maintaining all-hazards response plans, monitoring health surveillance in the 12 towns that are served by her two health districts, ensuring staff are aware of their emergency response roles by conducting trainings and following up with drills and exercises designed to test the districts’ plans, among many other activities. Previous to her local employment, Melissa worked at the Connecticut State Association of County and City Health Officials (SACCHO) for nearly six years as an Emergency Preparedness Specialist.

She is currently appointed as the Chair for the Preparedness Planning, Outcomes and Measurement work group and was previously the Chair for the Medical Countermeasures work group at NACCHO, and additionally sits on multiple preparedness and policy committees and advisory boards with both NACCHO and CDC.

Melissa earned her Master of Science degree in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness from St. Louis University. She obtained her BSN from the University of Phoenix, and her RN from Capitol Community College.

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