SACCHO Benefits

SACCHOs Represent the Grassroots of Local Public Health

Do you want to get to know other professionals in your area and contribute to developing an active, vibrant local public health community? Then consider whether joining a state association of county and city health officials (SACCHO) or forming one in your state would be right for you.SACCHO membership complements NACCHO membership and provides a vital link between local and national public health. The leadership structure of SACCHOs varies widely and allows for numerous involvement options. SACCHO membership may be purchased directly through a local SACCHO. With 38 SACCHOs affiliated with NACCHO, public health professionals can become visibly engaged members of a local SACCHO while developing new contacts and increasing knowledge. Ways to get involved include the following:

  1. Expanding the circle of colleagues and contacts.
  2. Networking at local meetings, luncheons, receptions, and programs.
  3. Exchanging knowledge with local experts.
  4. Stepping into leadership roles.
  5. Advocating for the public health profession.
  6. Learning about professional development and job opportunities in the community.

Is there someone at the decision-making table with local health departments' best interests in mind? Is there a place where local health officials in your state can meet and share ideas or current events? If the answer to these questions is no, then consider forming a SACCHO. SACCHOs are important because (1) local health departments and their staff can work together and organize more effectively to impact public health in the places where they live; (2) local health departments need a voice in decisions that affect the services they provide, and often the best place to maximize opportunities for participation is at the local or state level; and (3) NACCHO needs a strong local base of members to change policies at the state and national levels.