Learning Communities

NACCHO supports different learning communities to support local health departments in peer exchange and implementation of evidence-based practice in chronic disease prevention. Learning communities currently offered are described below.

Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NACCHO coordinates a community of practice for local health departments that serve the 50 largest, urban jurisdictions in the country. The community of practice allows participants to learn about and share policy strategies to prevent chronic disease. Conference calls for the group focus on active living, healthy food access, sugar-sweetened beverages, and tobacco control. Recordings from recent conference calls are available through the following links.

NACCHO coordinates a community of practice to support the local partners funded by states under CDC’s State and Local Public Health Actions to Prevent Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease and Stroke Program (DP14-1422) to develop and sustain programs or collaborations with partners to implement the National Diabetes Prevention Program for populations at high risk for developing diabetes. Visit NACCHO’s online portal for the community of practice.

With support from Health Impact Project, NACCHO is continuing to foster HIA practice and leadership among practitioners based in local health departments by instituting a community of practice, made up of HIA practitioners from across the country. Learn more about NACCHO’s HIA Community of Practice through the online portal.