Emerging Infections and Outbreak Response

From West Nile to Ebola to Zika, recent history shows us that emerging infectious diseases remain a threat to public health. NACCHO increases the capacity of local health departments to prevent and control infectious diseases in their communities. On a regular basis, NACCHO shares the local health department perspective on national infectious disease policies, priorities, and guidance documents and connects local health departments with strategies, tools, and resources to enhance their preparedness for infectious diseases. During emerging infectious disease situations and outbreaks, NACCHO provides local health departments with tools, resources, and rapidly changing guidance to ensure that they can more effectively prepare and respond. Learn more about our work below and be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter, The Transmission Digest, to receive the latest updates directly to your inbox.

Name Date Description
Communicating Changing Guidance: Lessons from Zika and Beyond 6/25/2018 NACCHO hosted this webinar to discuss communicating changing guidance, in the context of the Zika response and beyond. Presenters described how CDC communicated changing guidance during the Zika response; identified lessons learned that can translate to the local level; and explained strategies employed by one local health department for communicating changing guidance to multiple audiences in emerging situations.
Legionella: Exploring National Guidance and Local Experiences 6/7/2018 NACCHO hosted a webinar exploring national guidance and local experiences on Legionella. Presenters described signs and symptoms of Legionella infection, how it spreads, and how it can be prevented; identified CDC resources available for state and local health departments to investigate and prevent Legionnaires’ disease outbreak; and explained strategies employed by one local health department for investigating reported outbreaks due to Legionella.
2017 Hepatitis A Outbreak Response: Lessons from Big Cities 11/7/2017 NACCHO hosted a webinar to highlight lessons learned and updates from jurisdictions experiencing outbreaks of hepatitis A virus. During this webinar, you will hear outbreak response updates from three different cities. Representatives from San Diego Health and Human Services Agency, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and the Detroit Health Department shared their local response to this unique outbreak, lessons learned, and how your health department can prepare.
Reflecting on the Arkansas Mumps Outbreak 9/12/2017 NACCHO hosted a webinar on the Arkansas Mumps Outbreak, which began in August 2016, to hear about the circumstances of the outbreak, the social challenges involved, and the strategies for response.
Introduction to Social Network Analysis: Broad Overview and a Demonstration of a Novice’s Guide Using R Statnet 6/28/2018 NACCHO hosted a webinar on conducting social network analyses, including what they look like and how they can be applied. Webinar participants were also led through an explanation and live demonstration of a recently developed toolkit from the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, A Novice’s Guide: Social Network Analysis Using R Statnet, which includes basic terminology and steps for conducting a social network analysis using free data analysis software.


In an effort to highlight the role of NACCHO and local health departments in addressing issues related to emerging infectious diseases, NACCHO periodically develops feature articles. Check out the latest below:

The below Stories from the Field were written by local health department staff to share their first-hand experiences addressing issues related to emerging infectious diseases:


NACCHO convenes the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (IDPC) Workgroup to provide a forum for discussing infectious disease prevention and control-related priorities, policies, and funding issues to be raised with CDC and other national partners. E-mail infectiousdiseases@naccho.org to submit a topic or issue for consideration by the workgroup.

Check out these additional resources for more tools and resources related to infection prevention, preparedness, and control:

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