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NACCHO staff members are experts in the fields of public health preparedness, environmental health, community health, public health infrastructure, and more.

    NACCHO staff members have shared their expertise in the following news items:

    December 2020

    November 2020

    Title Source Date
    Health departments are ‘slammed.’ Missourians asked to contact trace on their own 11/30/2020
    NACCHO Releases Public Health Priorities for the Biden-Harris Transition Team and 117th Congress Domestic Preparednes 11/29/2020
    Here’s how Whatcom County Council is addressing racism and public health Bellingham Herald 11/28/2020
    COVID-19 volunteer program, facing multiple hurdles, aims for spring 2021 launch Penn Live 11/24/2020
    COVID-19 vaccine poses logistical challenges for Pa. officials Pittsburgh Post Gazette 11/22/2020
    South Carolina's health agency is missing permanent leader as coronavirus pandemic worsens The Charleston Post and Courier 11/21/2020
    Health care workers, nursing homes likely first in line for coronavirus vaccine; population formula will come into play The Los Angeles Times 11/20/2020
    Who will get the first COVID vaccines? States race to decide The Bakersfield Californian 11/20/2020
    Overdose Responders Struggle Against Rising Deaths Urban Milwaukee 11/20/2020
    Who will get the first COVID vaccines? California and other states race to decide The Los Angeles Times 11/19/2020
    With Cold Weather Forcing Patrons Inside, How Safe Are Restaurants? HealthDay / U.S. News & World Report 11/19/2020
    As drug overdose deaths soar, advocates fight uphill battle – Milwaukee, Wisconsin Milwaukee Eminetra 11/19/2020
    As drug overdose deaths soar, advocates fight uphill battle<.a> Wilwaukee News Services 11/19/2020
    Polk Co. supervisor withdraws another anti-CAFO proposal, will continue pursuing regulation Wisconsin State Farmer 10/18/2020
    Inoculations by December? States aren’t so sure. POLITICO 11/18/2020
    ‘Logistical nightmare’: Fears dysfunctional Covid vaccine distribution delays in US could destroy doses United Kingdom Independent Newspaper 11/18/2020
    Now that two highly effective Covid vaccines are within reach, we just have to get them to 7.8 billion people CNBC 11/18/2020
    States, Providers Hope COVID-19 Relief Wishlist Part Of Possible Omnibus Inside Health Policy 11/20/2020
    How Team Biden uses workarounds to prep for COVID-19 fight Christian Science Monitor 11/18/2020
    Inoculations by December? States aren’t so sure POITICO 11/18/2020
    Biden team ramps up outreach to public health groups STAT News 11/18/2020
    Polk Co. supervisor withdraws another anti-CAFO proposal, will continue pursuing regulation Wisconsin State Farmer 11/17/2020
    Should Essential Retail Workers Get Vaccine Priority? CSB 11/17/2020
    Task force doubles down on rapid testing strategy to fight the coronavirus Center for Public Integrity 11/16/2020
    6 Side Hustles You Can Do From Home To Earn Extra Money Forbes 11/16/2020
    The Covid curves are bending the wrong way POLITICO Pulse 11/16/2020
    Missing From State Plans to Distribute the Coronavirus Vaccine: Money to Do It The New York Times 11/14/2020
    Trump Silent on Virus Surge as Cases and Deaths Rise Sharply BNN Bloomberg 11/13/2020
    5 Points On Why The Latest COVID Crisis Is So Bad, And Why It’s Poised To Get Much Worse Talking Points Memo 11/12/2020
    With Covid and Trump Both Raging, Governors Face Pandemic Alone BNN Bloomberg 11/12/2020
    The Latest: Coronavirus deaths surpass 10,000 in hard-hit Massachusetts Portland Press Herald 11/12/2020
    With Covid and Trump Both Raging, Governors Face Pandemic Alone Yahoo! Finance 11/12/2020
    Vector-Borne Disease: CDC Report Outlines Key Steps for Prevention and Control in U.S. Entomology Today 11/12/2020
    Biden Plans Sharp Change in Coronavirus Response Voice of America 11/10/2020
    Pandemic Influenza Preparedness: Partnering With Schools Domestic Preparedness 11/09/2020
    Local Health Departments Find New Ways to Provide Flu Vaccines Route Fifty 11/06/2020
    NACCHO joins CDC Project Firstline to strengthen local public health capacity against infectious diseases Homeland Preparedness News 11/04/2020
    Illinois is nearing its contact tracing hiring goal. Is it too late? Chicago Tribune 11/02/2020
    Health officials are quitting or getting fired amid outbreak Black News Channel 11/01/2020

    October 2020

    Title Source Date
    Pence absent from Covid-19 planning calls for more than a month POLITICO 10/29/2020
    Is it safe to lick the ballot envelope? Public health officials take on the new challenge of making voting safe amid a pandemic STAT News 10/29/2020
    Here’s What Joe Biden Would Change On COVID-19 Starting Day One | news Huffington Post 10/28/2020
    Manalapan MRC-CERT receives funding from national association Central Jersey 10/28/2020
    What you need to prepare for the Covid-19 surge this season CNN 10/27/2020
    States Will Need Billions to Distribute a COVID-19 Vaccine as Federal Funding Falls Short NBC Los Angeles 10/27/2020
    Board set to consider declaration of racism as public health crisis The News Gazette 10/27/2020
    Health groups running get-out-vote social media videos in Florida Florida Politics 10/24/2020
    Forming Partnerships With Public Health Departments, Part 1: Why It’s a Good Idea Shelter Force 10/23/2020
    Dr. Umair A. Shah Named New Washington Secretary Of Health" YouTube 11/172020
    Pandemic Politics May Divide A Three-County Health Department In Colorado NPR Station KUNR 10/16/2020
    Town of Great Barrington Joins Health Experts in Condemning 'Herd Immunity' Death Cult That Bears Its Name Common Dreams 10/16/2020
    Health experts say 'herd immunity' strategy would kill thousands The Hill 10/16/2020
    In the US, 50 States Could Mean 50 Vaccine Rollout StrategiesAssociation of County and City Health Officials WIRED 10/16/2020
    Funding for vaccines, public health in the crosshairs of SCOTUS case National Journal 10/15/2020
    The state of US contact tracing: Is it working? | Tampa Bay Times / Politifact 10/13/2020
    How risky is voting in person? Here’s how to navigate your options during the pandemic PBS 10/12/2020
    The Many, Maddening Hurdles To Contact Tracing The White House Outbreak NPR Station KUMN 10/09/2020
    As CDC’s Deadline for Submitting COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plans Nears, States Say They’re Still Short on Guidance Morning Consult 10/09/2020
    The state of US contact tracing: Is it working? PolitiFact 10/09/2020
    States are scrambling to build vaccine distribution infrastructure NPR Marketplace 10/08/2020
    Few Covid safeguards as Trump campaign restarts rallies POLITICO 10/082020
    Trump's mask hypocrisy: How COVID memos contradict the White House’s public face Salon / Kaiser Health Network 10/02/2020
    Public health, election staff team up to prepare for Election Day The Nation's Health 10/02/2020
    States push for more funds and guidance on vaccine distribution CQ Roll Call 10/01/2020

    September 2020

    Title Source Date
    How White House COVID Memos Contradict Administration’s Public Face,/a> Kaiser Health News / The Daily Beast 09/30/2020
    The Mask Hypocrisy: How White House COVID Memos Contradict Administration’s Public Face Kaiser Health News / Yahoo! News 09/30/2020
    States push for more funds and guidance on vaccine distribution CQ Roll Call 09/30/2020
    Local health officials worry CDC has ‘lost its soul’ Stateline / 09/27/2020
    How long, really, before there’s a COVID-19 vaccine? Experts weigh in Atlanta Journal Constitution 09/26/2020
    Police Investigate Threats Against Head Of Tulsa Health Department News Channel 6, Tulsa 09/26/2020
    'It's devastating': Harassment of COVID health workers is widespread, 'unprecedented,' officials say. Twin Cities Pioneer Press 09/25/2020
    When There's a COVID-19 Vaccine, School Employees Could Be Among the First to Get It Education Week 09/24/2020
    Coronavirus: Health boss threatened after trying to postpone Trump rally, emails show The Independent (British newspaper) 09/23/2020
    Colorado Researchers Call For National Guidelines On Alerting Potential Suicide 'Hot Spot' School Wyoming Public Media 09/22/2020
    NJ contracted $37M for contact tracing. Was there a better way to use taxpayer dollars? New Jersey Herald 09/22/2020
    Threats and invective hurled at health director who sought to postpone Trump’s Tulsa rally, emails show The Washington Post 09/21/2020
    CDC drops controversial testing advice that caused backlash The Associated Press / Sign of the Times news 09/19/2020
    CDC updates, again, guidelines on testing people without coronavirus symptoms CNN 09/18/2020
    How years of underfunding public health left Texas ill prepared for the pandemic The Texas Tribune 09/17/2020
    Outbreaks of COVID-19, flu in fall will challenge public health The Nation's Health 09/16/2020
    CDC Awards $7 Million for Pilot Project to Reduce Chronic Disease by Advancing Health Equity Homeland Security Today 09/15/2020
    Health officials worldwide are receiving death threats because of their work to educate the public and stop the spread of COVID-19 Business Insider / Yahoo! News 09/15/2020
    Trump officials rush to introduce untested vaccine tracking system POLITICO 09/13/2020
    MU contact tracing delays frustrate students, leave some feeling at risk KOMU Channel 8 09/13/2020
    Preparing for the Worst, Health Agencies Mount Unprecedented Flu Shot Drives Stateline 09/10/2020
    Placer County Health Officer Resigns After Board Terminates COVID-19 Emergency Declaration CapRadio (Sacramento NPR Station) 09/10/2020
    Vaccine Messaging Acknowledges Past Racial Traumas in Health Bloomberg Law 09/10/2020
    Outgoing Milwaukee health commissioner says she faced racism, threats at work News Channel Nebraska 09/09/2020
    States Prepare For Potential Fall Vaccine Distribution Under Pressure From CDC WNPR 09/04/2020
    Embattled state epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park put on paid leave Honolulu Star Advertiser 09/04/2020
    MCHD director, Joey Smith, appointed to NACCHO Board of Directors Clarksville Now 09/04/2020
    Kupuna advocacy group threatens Health Department with legal action over Hawaii contact tracing Honolulu Star Advertiser 09/03/2020
    America needs a CDC whistleblower — now Washington, DC News 09/03/2020
    Contact tracing foiled by conspiracy theories, lack of federal messaging POLITICO 09/03/2020
    City Hall: City Expands Program To Fight Overdoses Urban Milwaukee 09/02/2020
    Long hours, scant resources: Public health workers continue the fight: On the ground in battle against COVID-19 The Nation's Health 09/01/2020

    August 2020

    Title Source Date
    The nation’s public health agencies are ailing when they’re needed most The Washington Post 08/31/2020
    States confront new Covid-19 challenge: Getting flu shots to apathetic Americans POLITICO 08/30/020
    Public Health Experts, Officials Continue To Question New CDC Coronavirus Testing Guidance NPR Station WABE 08/28/2020
    Local health departments say CDC testing change undermines their work The Hill 08/28/2020
    Model projects more than 317,000 US COVID-19 deaths by December CNN / MSN 08/29/2020
    TikTok celebs charged for large parties in LA The Associated Press / Channel 47 08/28/2020
    Auditor Slams State For Lack Of Transparency On Contact Tracing Big Island News 8/28/2020
    California unveils new plan to reopen businesses MarketBeat 08/28/2020
    Coronavirus vaccine trial results expected by end of year, US officials say CNN 08/28/2020
    NACCHO: More Than 9 in 10 Americans Are Endangered by the Underfunding of Local Public Healt Homeland Security Today 08/27/2020
    Health Officials Call On US Government to Reverse COVID-19 Test Guidelines Voice of America 08/27/2020
    Analysis: Trump administration’s coronavirus advice is secret, fragmented and contradictory Public Integrity 08/27/2020
    How starving public health fueled a COVID fire in Florida The Associated Press / Washington Post 08/23/2020
    Monroe Public Health wins national award Monroe Post 08/21/2020
    Las Vegas casinos a likely hotspot for COVID-19 spread: Report Las Vegas Courier Journal 08/20/2020
    Politics slows flow of US virus funds to local public health The Associated Press 08/17/2020
    Coronavirus upends conventions, changes TV coverage The Associated Press / Wilkes Barre Times Leader 08/16/2020
    'Are you doing OK?': On the ground with NYC contact tracers The Associated Press / Yahoo! News 08/17/2020
    Contact tracers: The emotional experience on the other end of the phone Inverse 08/13/2020
    Contact Tracers in Massachusetts Might Order Milk or Help With Rent. Here’s Why. Kaiser Health News 08/13/2020
    Health officials are quitting or getting fired amid outbreak The Associated Press / Kaiser Health News 08/11/2020
    Top California health official resigns amid revelation of giant coronavirus record backlog NBC News 08/10/2020
    Is contact tracing for COVID-19 infection taking place? Health officials have answers Naples Daily News 08/10/2020
    Common Health:The COVID-19 Risks You May Take, And Create, While Traveling NPR Station WBUR 08/10/2020
    Confirmed coronavirus cases in the world reach 20 million The Associated Press / WMTV 08/10/2020
    Public Health Notebook: Funding is ‘scarce’ to stabilize Maine’s economy after pandemic The Maine Monitor 08/09/2020
    Local and state health officials face personal backlash during pandemic WKYC Studios 08/07/2020
    Hawaii needs more contact tracers, critics say Honolulu Star Advertiser 08/04/2020
    Bad data is bogging down the COVID-19 fight; US 'needs to change,' experts say USA Today 08/04/2020
    Lack of Public Data Hampers COVID-19 Fight Stateline 08/03/2020
    How the Pandemic Defeated America The Atlantic 08/03/2020
    Trump’s ‘liberate’ battle cry fragmented, undercut the national pandemic response The Berkshire Edge 08/03/2020
    Shareable, printable guides help voters stay safe from COVID-19: Best practices for voting now available The Nation's Health 08/03/2020
    St. Louis Public Health Officials Aren’t Prepared To Address Longer Mosquito Seasons St. Louis Public Radio 08/03/2020
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Rolls Out Revised Guidelines Patch 08/30/2020

    July 2020

    Title Source Date
    Disgraced Nevada researcher behind Fauci COVID-19 conspiracy theory Las Vegas Review-Journal 07/31/2020
    Growing COVID-19 case numbers in Hampton Roads are straining contact tracing resources Patch 07/31/2020
    Baltimore County Health Director Gregory Branch tests positive for COVID-19 Capital Gazette 07/30/2020
    The road to 150,000+: How the U.S. has handled the COVID-19 pandemic CGTN 07/30/2020
    CU Boulder Offers Contact Tracing 101 Wyoming Public Media 07/28/2020
    A Government-University Partnership to Train Students as Contact Tracers Route 50 07/28/2020
    Connecticut to Perfect Contact Tracing Before Second Wave Governing 07/27/2020
    Getting More Cities To Follow NKY's Lead In Contact Tracing NPR Station WVXU 07/27/2020
    Officials racing to perfect contact tracing Hartford Courant 07/26/2020
    Metro health waited to hire enough COVID-19 trackers until virus had pummeled San Antonio San Antonio Express-News 07/26/2020
    Trump's fragmented pandemic response may undermine push to address racial disparities POLITICO 07/25/2020
    Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis to hire 300 local tracers The Journal Gazette 07/24/2020
    Cambridge launches Community Corps for COVID-19 safety Wicked Local Cambridge 07/23/2020
    Public Health-Seattle & King County receives national recognition for advancing environmental justice King County 07/23/2020
    DeKalb County declares racism a public health crisis Atlanta Journal Constitution 07/22/2020
    COVID-19 Contact Tracing Comes to Chicago: Here’s what we know Southside Weekly 07/22/2020
    Florida contact tracing is a hot mess News 10 Tampa Bay 07/22/2020
    Contact Tracing, a Key Way to Slow COVID-19, Is Badly Underused by the U.S. Scientific American 07/21/2020
    Why Demonize Public Health Officials for Doing Their Job? PA Times 07/21/2020
    Virus hits frontline workers in taxed public health system The Associated Press 07/21/2020
    ‘Surprise’ billing fix likely out of next Covid-19 package as fight over tests plays out POLITICO 07/20/2020
    As parents of students look for alternatives, home schooling sees ‘explosive’ interest The Associated Press / Wilkes Barre Times Leader 07/19/2020
    Houston’s surge of COVID-19 cases overwhelms contact tracing efforts San Antonio Express-News 07/18/2020
    On the phone, contact tracers try to limit virus spread: 'Please answer that call'. Chicago Tribune 07/17/2020
    Walgreens misreported 8 coronavirus test results in 3 days in Monroe County NPR Station WXXI 07/17/2020
    How HHS’s new hospital data reporting system will actually affect the U.S. Covid-19 response STAT News 07/16/2020
    Mosquitoes flying free as health departments focus on virus The Associated Press / KPIX 07/16/2020
    Contact Tracing Hampered by Testing Delays, Unanswered Phone Calls — and Lack of Trust Stateline 07/16/2020
    Trump Is Waging a Losing War Against the Bad News of COVID-19 TIME Magazine 07/15/2020
    Large Cass County Party Shuts Down Summer School Activities And Strains Local Health Department NPR Station KBIA 07/14/2020
    COVID-19 Pandemic Threatens ‘Miracle’ Of Flu Vaccination Talking Points Memo 07/14/2020
    Debbie Mucarsel-Powell Writes DeSantis: Contact Tracing Program Only 4 Percent of What Miami-Dade Needs Florida Daily 07/14/2020
    How contact tracing breaks the chain of COVID-19 transmission Medical Xpress 07/15/2020
    Bottleneck for U.S. Coronavirus Response: The Fax Machine The New York Times 07/13/2020
    Denton County Public Health Diabetes Education and Case Management Program selected as National Promising Practice Fort Worth Business Press 07/10/2020
    Cybersecurity Concerns For Health And Public Health Organizations National Governors Association 07/10/2020
    Incorporating Mental Health And Substance Abuse Screening Into COVID-19 Contact Tracing Health Affairs 07/09/2020
    Rogers County Health Department Honored for Excellence in Public Health More Claremore 07/09/2020
    Tennessee still lacks contact tracers several months into pandemic Fox Chattanooga 07/08/2020
    Crook County Health Department receives honor News Channel 21, KTVZ 07/08/2020
    Blaming the COVID-19 messengers—public health officials under siege: Environmental Health News 07/08/2020
    Alder Blocks Covid Grant Fast-Track New Haven Independent 07/07/2020
    Dr. Sandra Ford named president-elect of NACCHO Board of Directors On Common Ground 07/07/2020
    DeKalb health leader is president-elect of national health board The DeKalb Champion 07/07/2020
    Hundreds of health groups petition against Trump POLITIO 07/07/2020
    How the White House can build public trust and end the coronavirus crisis POLITICO 07/07/2020
    Coronavirus: Disease detectives track an invisible culprit BBC 07/06/2020
    As the virus surged, Florida partied. Tracking the revelers has been tough. The Chicago Tribune 07/06/2020
    Columbia Cut Health Department Budget Five Times In Ten Years NPR Station KBIA 07/06/2020
    As Florida sets records for Covid-19 cases, health authorities often fail to do contact tracing CNN 07/06/2020
    Public health experts urge socially distant Fourth of July celebrations, as the coronavirus surges across the U.S. STAT 07/03/2020
    'Unsafe': Women in public health facing pushback and threats for coronavirus response ABC News 07/03/2020
    A Virus Preys on Divided America as Daily Cases Set Record Bloomberg Law 07/02/2020
    4 things Congress can do right now to help working parents get through the pandemic CNN 07/02/2020
    Life, liberty and face masks: Virus preys on divided America The Register Citizen 07/02/2020
    Look at method used to assess state of public health system The Associated Press 07/01/2020
    Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus 07/01/2020
    Women in public health facing pushback, threats for coronavirus response My Central Oregon 07/01/2020
    I’m an Immigrant Without Health Insurance. Where Can I Get Low-Cost or Free Medical Care? Medium 07/01/2020
    Florida would need to triple contact tracing workforce to meet pandemic criteria Fox 13 Tampa Bay 07/01/2020

    June 2020

    Title Source Date
    She Went To The ER To Try To Get A Coronavirus Test And Ended Up $1,840 In Debt NPR 06/30/2020
    As COVID-19 Cases Increase, Health Officials Struggle To Access Federal Funds NPR Station KBIA 06/30/2020
    U.S. coronavirus hotspots failed to build up public health tools Axios 06/29/2020
    Some US states return to previous restrictions to slow surge of coronavirus cases CNN 06/29/2020
    ‘Public enemy number one’: COVID puts low-profile local health officials on hot seat The Kansas City Star 06/28/2020
    Hollowed-Out Public Health System Faces More Cuts Amid Virus Kaiser Health News 06/26/2020
    Claiming COVID-19 cases were overcounted, West Virginia's GOP governor forces out top health expert Salon 06/26/2020
    COVID must not divert us from HIV and hepatitis elimination San Francisco Examiner 06/25/2020
    When the Truth Becomes the Threat: Standing in Support of our Public Health Officials Medium 06/24/2020
    The important stories left underreported while we were focused on COVID-19 Poynter 06/24/2020
    The Health 202: Trump claims an increase in coronavirus cases is due to more testing. That isn't true anymore. The Washington Post 06/23/2020
    This is Vandalism, And It’s Taking Place Inside the House of Government Esquire 06/23/2020
    The Hidden Deaths Of The COVID Pandemic Kaiser Health News 06/23/2020
    Some public health officials are resigning amid threats during the Covid-19 pandemic CNN 06/23/2020
    Health Officials Had to Face a Pandemic. Then Came the Death Threats. The New York Times 06/22/2020
    COVID-19 Is Stripping Resources From Mosquito Control Programs Slate 06/19/2020
    Politicians Shunt Aside Public Health Officials Stateline 06/18/2020
    As States Reopen, Do They Have The Workforce They Need To Stop Coronavirus Outbreaks? WBUR Public Radio 06/18/2020
    Sheriff investigating threats against Dr. Sara Cody, Santa Clara County's top public health official ABC News 7 06/17/2020
    Cuomo allows visitors at New York hospitals and group homes as coronavirus death toll hits a new low AP Wire / Wilkes-Barre Times Leader 06/17/2020
    Parts of Pa. reopened without robust coronavirus contact tracing to keep residents safe The Philadelphia Inrquirer 06/16/2020
    Take These Steps If You're Renting a Vacation Home During the Pandemic Consumer Reports 06/16/2020
    Coronavirus recommendations ignored as case numbers rise The Washington Post 06/15/2020
    Public health workers fighting virus face growing threats The Associated Press 06/12/2020
    Red Cross Warns of a ‘Staggering’ Drop in Blood Supplies The New York Times 06/02/2020
    What Are the Options for Training Contact Tracers? Medscape 06/02/2020
    How to become a contact tracer, one of the fastest-growing jobs in America CNBC 06/02/2020
    How St. Louis Plans To Conduct Contact Tracing, Hire More Workers St. Louis Public Radio 06/01/2020

    May 2020

    Title Source Date
    Health Inspections Take on New Role in Monitoring Restaurant Safety Route Fifty 05/29/2020
    How the Coronavirus Exacerbated Oregon’s Bitter Political Divide The New Yorker 05/28/2020
    Health Officials Gear Up to Trace the Path of Coronavirus Contacts Comstock's Magazine 05/28/2020
    Contact tracing poses new challenge in coronavirus outbreak Yahoo! Finance 05/27/2020
    State Plans to Hire Fewer Contact Tracers Than Experts Recommend Oklahoma Watch 05/26/2020
    Maine contact tracing efforts to be expanded WABI-TV (Augusta, Maine CBS Affiliate) 05/26/2020
    Health Departments Concerned About Rising STDs During the Covid-19 Pandemic Blogarama 05/25/2020
    On the front lines of the pandemic, grocery workers are in the dark about risks The Washington Post 05/24/2020
    The Road to Reopen: 2 experts discuss reopenings for main streets, schools and child care News-12 New Jersey 05/23/2020
    CDC Warns of 'Increase in Rodent Activity' at Restaurants and Food Venues Closed By COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns Newsweek 05/23/2020
    Alaska plans to more than triple its workforce of COVID-19 contact detectives Alaska Public News 05/22/2020
    One Oregon county has widespread COVID-19 testing. Others aren’t so lucky. High Country News 05/22/2020
    Isolating coronavirus patients isn’t as easy as it sounds Axios 05/21/2020
    Will Arizona get hit by a second wave of COVID-19? Here's what we know Arizona Central 05/20/2020
    America’s Patchwork Pandemic Is Fraying Even Further The Atlantic 05/20/2020
    Food safety award from NACCHO for 2020 goes to Southern Nevada Health District Food Safety News 05/19/2020
    Southern Nevada Health District Awarded for Excellence in Food Protection Quality Assurance & Food Safety 05/19/2020
    Health department recommends greater St. Louis area needs to hire about 600 contact tracers KMOX Radio (St. Louis) 05/19/2020
    Is Vermont ready to reopen? Yes and no. Vermont Digger 05/19/2020
    You Don’t Need Invasive Tech for Successful Contact Tracing. Here’s How It Works. ProPublica 05/19/2020
    Investing in public health is more important than ever The Billings Gazette 05/18/2020
    Health District explores ways to ramp up contact tracing capacity Las Vegas Sun 05/16/2020
    Lacking Money and Power, Authorities Barely Enforce Virus Rules Bloomberg News Wire 05/15/2020
    Coronavirus contact tracers' nemeses: People who don't answer their phones Good Morning America 05/15/2020
    Florida is contact tracing COVID-19 but sharing few details about it WFTS, Tampa Bay ABC News Affiliate 05/14/2020
    Covid-19: The US state copying a global health template for contact tracing success The British Medical Journal 05/13/2020
    Contact tracing is key to fighting COVID-19 in Illinois. Here’s how you can help. Belleville News-Democrat 05/13/2020
    Kentucky, Indiana ramp up contact tracing in fight against COVID-19 WDRB Louisville 05/13/2020
    Thousands of Californians Are Training to Be COVID-19 Contact Tracers in 1st Statewide Program The Wrap 05/13/2020
    Solano County health officials use contact tracing to map COVID-19 spread Fox 40 Sacramento 05/13/2020
    What Are Contact Tracers, And Will They Slow The Spread Of COVID-19? The Huffington Post 05/13/2020
    How Louisiana’s Massive Effort To Test And Trace Coronavirus Cases Could Fall Short WWNO Radio (New Orleans NPR station) 05/12/2020
    Mosquitos Don’t Carry COVID-19, But They’re Still A Threat In California CapRadio (California NPR station) 05/12/2020
    States Need to Hire More COVID-19 Contact Tracers Governing 05/12/2020
    States Ramp Up Contact Tracing Amid Reopening WebMD 05/12/2020
    As States Seek COVID Detectives, Librarians Are Among The Candidates KUNC (Colorado NPR station) 05/11/2020
    Hawaii Updates: Cases Up 2; Health Dept. Under More Fire; Prosecutor Raises Alarms Over Inmates Hawaii Public Radio 05/11/2020
    This course will train an army of contact tracers. You can take it, too. The Washington Post 05/11/2020
    Virginia misses key marks on virus testing as leaders eye reopening Richmond Times-Dispatch 05/10/2020
    Contact tracers are key to stopping another surge in cases. Does St. Louis have enough? St. Louis Post-Dispatch 05/10/2020
    Public Health Experts Say Many States Are Opening Too Soon To Do So Safely NPR 05/09/2020
    Lost your job? Consider becoming a "contact tracer" CBS News 05/08/2020
    Without CDC Guidance, Reopenings Follow a Patchwork of Rules (1) Bloomberg Law 05/08/2020
    How Contact Tracing Could Help Slow The Spread Of The Coronavirus WSFU, Tallahassee Public Radio 05/04/2020
    Florida starts to reopen despite missing a critical tool Orlando Sentinel 05/01/2020
    San Francisco recruits army of social workers, librarians and investigators to track Covid-19 The Guardian 05/01/2020
    State Health Department Launches Condom Delivery Service During Coronavirus WCBS Radio 05/01/2020
    Michigan health department launches condom delivery service during coronavirus St. Louis News Radio KMOX 05/01/2020
    Florida starts to reopen despite missing a critical tool Orlando Sun Sentinel 05/01/2020
    Louisville Ramps Up Coronavirus Contact Tracing Efforts WFPL, Louisville Public Radio 05/01/2020

    April 2020

    Title Source Date
    Public health labs suffered budget cuts prior to coronavirus American Public Media 04/27/2020
    The rats are coming. Here’s how we can keep them away. The Washington Post 04/24/2020
    Tracking Everyone With Coronavirus Is a Huge Task. These Systems Could Help. Consumer Reports 04/24/2020
    Pandemic sparks concerns about surging STD, HIV rates The Hill 04/23/2020
    State, local health departments get $631 million to jump-start coronavirus testing, contact tracing The Washington Post 04/23/2020
    Coronavirus detectives: Here’s how counties try to track everyone exposed CALmatters 04/23/2020
    Leaders mull reopening as experts warn of coming coronavirus waves San Antonio Express 04/23/2020
    New COVID-19 test to begin in developmentally disabled homes as NJ scales up testing My Central Jersey 04/22/2020
    How climate change has affected each state MSN 04/22/2020
    The Road Ahead With COVID-19 WebMD 04/21/2020
    Health departments are concerned about spikes in STIs while attention is on COVID-19 The Verge 04/21/2020
    Health officials assoc. says surge in health care workers needed to safely get back to normal WINK-TV 04/17/2020
    What Will a Reopening of America Look Like? HealthDay 04/20/2020
    Why contact tracers are key to unlocking economy The Hill 04/18/2020
    Contact Tracing Shortage Could Strain Efforts to Reopen Economy U.S. News & World Report 04/17/2020
    Officials poised to take governor's lead on reopening economy Victoria Advocate 04/16/2020
    How Do We Exit The Shutdown? Hire An Army Of Public Health Workers Kaiser Health News 04/13/2020
    'Kind of like a war:' Inside a Monmouth County health department as it battles COVID-19 Asbury Park Press 04/13/2020
    Why The Coronavirus Is Killing Black Americans At Outsize Rates Across The US BuzzFeed 04/10/2020
    Local Health Departments Standing Strong on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Response Homeland Security Today 04/09/2020
    Coronavirus: $5 Million in Federal Funding Will Boost Local NJ Health Departments North 04/09/2020
    Why the U.S. Isn’t on Track to Open Up? Labs Nationwide Are Overwhelmed by Patient Samples Amid a Shortage of Critical Supplies POLITICO 04/07/2020
    Wondering About Your Health Department? Here’s Some Answers 04/06/2020
    States Share Covid-19 Patient Addresses with First Responders Route Fifty 04/06/2020
    Health Departments Facing Coronavirus Crisis After Budget Cuts Trim Staff Newsday 04/05/2020
    A Deficit of More Than 250,000 Public Health Workers Is No Way to Fight Covid-19 STAT News 04/05/2020
    Special Report: How the COVID-19 Lockdown Will Take Its Own Toll on Health Reuters / New York Times 04/03/2020
    Google Taps Vast Trove of Location Data to Aid Global Effort to Combat Coronavirus The Washington Post 04/03/2020
    LISTEN: The Local and State Health Department Perspective on the COVID-19 Outbreak Homeland Security Today 04/02/2020

    March 2020

    Title Source Date
    NJ's local health departments have been underfunded for years. Now they're playing catch-up North 03/30/2020
    How the $2 Trillion CARES Act Divides Up as States Call for COVID-19 Help Homeland Security Today 03/28/2020
    ‘There is no surge plan’: Despite warnings, Congress failed to fully fund pandemics bill POLITICO 03/28/2020
    Obama admin repeatedly sought millions in CDC funding cuts, despite Biden's attacks on Trump preparedness Fox News 03/27/2020
    Connecting amidst the coronavirus Community Health Magazine 03/27/2020
    Is America Ready for a Second Wave of Coronavirus? Route Fifty 03/26/2020
    U.S. Hospital Beds Were Already Maxed Out Before Coronavirus Pandemic U.S. News & World Report 03/26/2020
    Few sheltered as California aims to help homeless amid virus Associated Press 03/26/2020
    Public health workers are on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus. But they’ve bled resources for years. North Carolina Health News 03/24/2020
    Pandemic Highlights Years Of Cuts At State, Local Health Departments Newsy 03/20/2020
    The Front Lines of the Coronavirus Fight U.S. News & World Report 03/20/2020
    Officials long warned funding cuts would leave California vulnerable to pandemic. No one listened Los Angeles Times 03/20/2020
    U.S. Government Plans to Ratchet Up Emphasis on Social Distancing Wall Street Journal 03/19/2020
    The Trump Administration Fumbled Its Initial Response to Coronavirus. Is There Enough Time to Fix It? TIME Magazine 03/19/2020
    Congress Has Starved Local Public-Health Departments East Bay Express 03/18/2020
    Even before coronavirus, infectious disease was on rise in California — but spending got cut San Francisco Chronicle 03/16/2020
    Cracks emerge in health departments The Columbian 03/15/2020
    America has no real public health system – coronavirus has a clear run The Guardian 03/15/2020
    US reaches moment of truth on coronavirus The Hill 03/15/2020
    The Coronavirus Swamps Local Health Departments, Already Crippled by Cuts The New York Times 03/14/2020
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Spearheads Conversations at CCC Cities Speak 03/13/2020
    Trump Administration Confronts New Coronavirus Testing Woes Wall Street Journal 03/13/2020
    FACTS NOT FEAR: Breaking down COVID-19 George Roberts with NET Health speaks on coronavirus in East Texas. CBS 19 03/11/20202
    The push for paid sick leave Axios 03/11/2020
    Cough? Fever? Coronavirus symptoms are not enough, Americans find, as strict rules limit who gets tested Yahoo! News 03/11/2020
    As California retreats from containment, New York sends in the National Guard Los Angeles Times 03/11/2020
    COVID-19 Cruise Ship Update Capital Public Radio 03/11/2020
    Sacramento, Placer, Yolo Counties No Longer Recommend 14-Day Quarantine After Exposure Capital Public Radio 03/10/2020
    How ready is Florida’s health department for the coronavirus? Tampa Bay Times 03/10/2020
    Health agencies’ funding cuts challenge coronavirus response The Washington Post 03/08/2020
    Doctors Getting More Latitude to Test Patients for COVID-19 MedPage Today 03/06/2020
    West Coast officials prep for possible coronavirus outbreak among homeless NBC News 03/06/2020
    Adriane Casalotti on U.S. Coronavirus Response C-Span 03/06/2020
    NACCHO Leader George Roberts on Coronavirus Outbreak C-Span 03/06/2020
    Coronavirus testing could cost some patients extra The Hill 03/05/2020
    The Coronavirus Response is Straining an Already Depleted Public Health System Route Fifty 03/04/2020
    Coronavirus Costs: Who’s Paying for All This? Wall Street Journal 03/04/2020
    How to talk to kids about coronavirus 03/03/2020
    Lessons From U.S. Hospitals Caring For COVID-19 Patients NPR 03/02/2020

    Feburary 2020

    Title Source Date
    Coronavirus testing is under scrutiny after delays and questions over its effectiveness The Sacramento Bee 02/28/2020
    Preparing for a pandemic: What should I buy? Are there places I should avoid? CNN 02/28/2020
    Promoting the HPV Vaccine for Latinos Salud America! 02/28/2020
    States expecting reimbursements in coronavirus supplemental CQ Roll Call 02/28/2020
    Coronavirus threat gives strapped state health agencies a new crisis POLITICO 02/28/2020
    White House’s attempts to reduce government by slashing health programs could hurt response to coronavirus CNN 02/27/2020
    Whitley County health officials prepared for coronavirus, risk for area remains low Corbin Times-Tribune 02/27/2020
    Southern Seven Health Department receives opioid grant to combat epidemic CBS Affiliate KFVS-TV 02/26/2020
    Trump’s coronavirus conflict: Displaying credibility vs. calming voters and investors POLITICO 02/26/2020
    Trump faces growing challenge to contain coronavirus The Hill 02/25/2020
    Millions in Uncovered Costs Already Incurred by Local Health Departments for Coronavirus Response Global Biodefense 02/24/2020
    White House preparing to ask Congress for more money to finance coronavirus response The Washington Post 02/24/2020
    Trump's Emergency Coronavirus Response | The Fiscal Times The Fiscal Times 02/24/2020
    White House seeks $1.25 billion more for coronavirus response CQ Roll Call 02/24/2020
    Utah County Health Department gets national recognition for emergency preparedness | Provo News Utah Daily Herald 02/19/2020
    Five Years Later, HIV-Hit Town Rebounds. But The Nation Is Slow To Heed Lessons. Kaiser Health News 02/19/2020
    Livingston County Dept. of Health receives grant Genesee County Express 02/18/2020
    Coronavirus Tests Public Health Infrastructure In The Heartland Kaiser Health News / U.S. News & World Report 02/14/2020
    WUPHD awarded Overdose Prevention and Response Mentorship Grant Daily Mining Gazette 02/14/2020
    Counties respond to coronavirus NACO County News 02/14/2020
    Coronavirus Tests Public Health Infrastructure In The Heartland Kaiser Health News / U.S. News & World Report 02/14/2020
    National STI Coalition Forms to Buck a “Major Public Health Crisis” POZ 02/12/2020
    Online Extra: LGBTQ Agenda: National STI Coalition to seek 'policy opportunities' in president's budget Bay Area Reporter 02/11/2020
    We will survive coronavirus, but are we prepared for the next public health crisis? Des Moines Register 02/09/2020
    Containing the Coronavirus Route Fifty 02/07/2020
    Health Department Receives National Recognition through ‘Project Public Health Ready’ Program The Chattanoogan 02/04/2020
    2019 novel coronavirus: 6 questions that doctors are asking AMA 020/03/2020

    January 2020

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