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Are you facing challenges that require collaboration and innovation? Do you find yourself leading your organization through continual upheaval and change? Do deeply rooted and systemic challenges continue to surface without much progress? Does your leadership approach need reinvigorating to succeed in today's public health landscape?

NACCHO, with the support of CDC and HRSA, is pleased to announce the 2024 Cohort of the Adaptive Leadership Academy, a 7-month long virtual program geared towards helping leaders identify and deal with consequential change in uncertain times. The Adaptive Leadership Academy was designed in response to the unique needs of local public health and healthcare leaders by combining Adaptive Leadership and several other leadership theories in an action-oriented, cohort-based curriculum.

“The Adaptive Leadership Academy led participants to rethink how to look at challenges and develop solutions to the most pressing and long-term issues that forces leaders to question what they think they know, look in the mirror, and practice accountability.”

– Past Adaptive Leadership Academy Participant

In our evaluation of the first Adaptive Leadership Academy cohort:

  • 100% of participants reported their overall leadership capability improved
  • 100% of participants reported their level of comfort in addressing adaptive challenges improved
  • 100% of participants reported the Academy fully met its curriculum goal
  • 90% of participants reported knowledge gained across all 11 core concepts

For more information about participating in this action-oriented, cohort-based leadership training program:

  • See the 2024 Adaptive Leadership Academy Factsheet here
  • Watch our recorded informational webinar here
  • To apply for this opportunity, please submit an application by Friday, October 27, 11:59 pm EST
  • If you have any additional questions, please contact Deya Greer at [email protected]

National resources outlining the critical capabilities of public health professionals today, including the Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals and Chief Health Strategist role within Public Health 3.0, demonstrate a need for local public health leaders to work outside the traditional bounds of public health practice to drive collaborative change and improve population health. According to the 2017 report, Public Health 3.0 relies on “leaders who can work in new ways to build structured coalitions, leverage actionable data and evidence, and communicate new approaches within and outside the traditional health sector.”

Combined, these skills and the adaptive challenges that local public health professionals face today demonstrate eight categories of knowledge, skills, and abilities where greater practice is needed to drive change. They form the foundation of the Adaptive Leadership Academy.

  • Create collaborative environments
  • Facilitate group dynamics
  • Draw from multiple perspectives
  • Promote valued behaviors
  • Manage successful change
  • Invest in relationship building
  • Seek out strategic partnerships
  • Engage in strategic communication

Synchronous Learning:

  • Live Learning: 90-minute live sessions with NACCHO coaches; includes didactic presentations, guided discussion, and breakout group exercises
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: 45-minute live unmoderated peer-to-peer discussions, ranging from partner exercises/discussions to small group exercises/discussions
  • Peer Advising: 60-minute live peer advising with NACCHO coaches and peers to get feedback on a specific adaptive challenge
  • Adaptive Challenge Open Workshop: 60-minute live sessions with NACCHO coaches and peers to apply unit concepts to make progress on your adaptive challenge

Asynchronous Learning:

  • Reading Materials: concise, meaningful, thought-provoking book excerpts or articles
  • Mindfulness Guide: guided mindfulness activities to be completed by participants to set the stage for more intentional leadership practice
  • Journal Practice: guided, individual reflection to process and internalize concepts
  • Case Study: a realistic public health focused story with associated activities and worksheets that highlight key course concepts and provide opportunities for practice

The Adaptive Leadership Academy will require approximately 10 hours each month for 7 months, including 4 hours of live sessions each month. Each unit of the Academy spans one month and includes weekly live, synchronous sessions, and asynchronous assignments to complete individually at your own pace over the course of the month.

The Adaptive Leadership Academy is open to anyone in public health or healthcare who holds an executive level leadership position (local health officer, executive director, chief executive officer or equivalent). In addition, executive level leaders who have a high level of formalized power, oversee multiple departments, or report to the top executive, are encouraged to apply. There is no cost for participation in the program, due to generous support from CDC and HRSA.

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