Top Executive Characteristics

LHD leaders set the tone for the health department, determine staffing decisions, and provide a critical bridge to the community and other local governmental agencies. The chart below depicts various demographic characteristics of LHD top executives. Use the filters to display further breakdowns by select LHD demographic characteristics. Use the “Compare Results by” drop-down to display differences between new (i.e., those who have been in their positions for less than three years) and experienced (i.e., those who have been in their positions for three or more years) top executives.

Type of governance
Level of authority at which the LHD is governed (local, state, or both)
Size of population served
Number of people who reside within the LHD’s jurisdiction
Degree of urbanization
Urban or rural classification based on the majority of people served in the LHD
Census region
Geographic region of the U.S. based on the US Census Bureau classification
Number of LHD employees
Number of Individuals employed by LHD
Compare results by
New top executives (Less than 3 years)
Experienced top executives (3 or more years)
Has Graduate Degree
Younger Than 40 Years Old
Race Other Than White
Has a Specialized Degree in Public Health
Has a Specialized Degree in Medicine
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