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To best support our local health department members, NACCHO's HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis Team wants to make sure we are both providing and receiving tools, information, and resources that contribute to your work. Check out the tabs below to join our HIV, STI & Viral Hepatitis Sentinel Network, apply for our HIV, STI & Viral Hepatitis Workgroup, sign up for our biweekly e-newsletter to receive the latest news and updates on HIV, STIs and viral hepatitis, and/or submit a request for information (RFI) share your perspective on the issues affecting your programmatic efforts!

NACCHO created the HIV, STI, and Viral Hepatitis Sentinel Network as a means to increase our understanding of local health department (LHD) efforts, needs, challenges, and successes. The Sentinel Network is an important mechanism for gathering and sharing information so that NACCHO can effectively support LHD practice and advocate on behalf of LHDs for adequate resources and appropriate public health legislation. Join today!

Information is collected from the Sentinel Network through brief surveys distributed on a quarterly basis. Following each survey, NACCHO convenes virtual meetings with Sentinel Network members to discuss preliminary results. The findings advance NACCHO's ability to fulfill its mission to be a leader, partner, catalyst, and voice for local health departments. The results are shared with key partners and stakeholders and/or written up for publication or presented at national conferences. In the latter instance, data is reported in aggregate only and reports will not identify specific health departments.

Through the Sentinel Network, NACCHO also provides opportunities for peer learning and engagement among its members, and connection with federal and national partners. For more information about the Sentinel Network and details of membership,

To sign up, complete this brief form. For more information, contact Shalesha Majors, Program Analyst, HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis at smajors@naccho.org.

The HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis Workgroup (HSHW) provides guidance and input on NACCHO’s HIV, STI, and viral hepatitis programmatic, policy, and advocacy efforts. Workgroup members provide a local perspective and voice for NACCHO’s work at the national level to support, advance, and promote the role of local health departments in the prevention, care, and treatment of HIV, STIs, and viral hepatitis. The workgroup provides a forum to discuss emerging and persistent issues in the field; identify and share best practices; review and provide input on new and existing initiatives; and develop and maintain NACCHO policy statements. The HSHW provides a valuable opportunity for peer learning and engagement with other experts in the field.

Workgroup applications for 2021-2023 are now open! Learn more and apply here.

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Requests for Information: Local Health Department HIV, STI, and Hepatitis Practice

To better facilitate peer learning and engagement, NACCHO is collecting requests for information (RFIs) from local health departments (LHDs) related to local HIV, STI, and hepatitis practice, as well as adolescent sexual health, harm reduction, and substance use.

RFIs are posted on HIV, STI, & Hepatitis Digest. The requests will also be posted in a new virtual community of LHD HIV, STI, and/or hepatitis staff, which you can sign up for here.

NACCHO cannot guarantee that you will receive a response to your RFI, but our hope is that we will be able to facilitate a sharing environment and the more folks that are engaged, the more likely this is to be true!

If you would like to submit an RFI, please fill out the form below. Please contact Daisha Washington, Program Analyst, HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis, at DWashington@naccho.org with any questions.

Please develop a short title for your RFI including key information about the information you are seeking (e.g.,” Examples of Standing Orders for STI Services,” “Strategies for Offering Hepatitis A Vaccination in Correctional Facilities,” or “Dealing with Community Pushback to Sex Ed.”)
Please develop a short description of your request, ranging from 1 sentence to 150 words. This information will be used to inform possible answers to your RFI and for additional dissemination, so please make sure to include any details that will affect the applicability of another health department’s experience or tools to your work.
Please indicate how you would like to receive responses to your RFI. You can select one or both options, based on your preferences. Please note that NACCHO will connect you with anyone who responds to your RFI via email, but your preference for email and/or phone will be communicated to them.

Join the HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis Virtual Community

NACCHO is establishing a virtual community of local health department (LHD) staff who work on HIV, STIs, and/or viral hepatitis to support learning, engagement, and information exchange among LHDs. At this time, the community will be facilitated via NACCHO’s Virtual Communities. To join the community, complete the form below.

Please contact Kat Kelley, Program Analyst, HIV, STI, & Viral Hepatitis, at kkelley@naccho.org with any questions.

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