Curriculum and Webinars

NACCHO's performance improvement (PI) curriculum is designed to help local health department (LHD) staff implement PI practices and standards within their health departments. This curriculum will allow staff to increase internal alignment and improve effectiveness in helping LHDs to optimize their understanding of PI and recognize its value, leading to improved LHD performance and overall public health practice.


  • Characterize the local public health system and community context
  • Demonstrate methods for communicating the value of PI to stakeholders
  • Demonstrate methods for community member and partner engagement
  • Demonstrate skills to manage PI in the community and agency
  • Describe overarching PI concepts and connections
  • Engage in accreditation preparation
  • Implement comment health improvement planning process
  • Use a performance management system to create a culture of quality improvement

NACCHO's performance Improvement team regularly hosts webinars. See the "Archived Webinars" section below for recordings of these webinars, listed in chronological order.

The first unit of the curriculum is intended to provide a conceptual framework for performance improvement at the local level. After completing the courses, participants should be able to describe overarching performance improvement concepts.

Introduction to Performance Improvement for Local Health Departments

Module 1: The History of Performance Improvement in Public Health

Module 2: Jargon-Free Performance Improvement

Module 3: Stories from the Field

Cultivating a Culture of Quality

Module 1: Quality Management Principles

Module 2: Building a Culture of Quality

Accreditation for Local Health Departments

Module 1: Background on Accreditation in Public Health

Module 2: Local Health Departments and the Public Health Accreditation Process

Module 3: Stories from the Field: Local Health Departments Seeking Accreditation

NACCHO’s Quality Improvement (QI) and Accreditation Preparation Webinar Series provides periodic webinars as part of NACCHO's continued commitment to QI and preparing local health departments (LHDs) for national accreditation. This webinar series is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.