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Welcome to the NACCHO Board of Directors page. Here, you can access the President's corner, nominate a new board member, or reach out to our executive team.

NACCHO is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors, comprised of health officials from around the country elected by their peers, a representative for Tribal health departments, and ex officio members representing the National Association of Counties and the U.S. Conference of Mayors. The NACCHO Executive Committee includes the four NACCHO officers and the three members on the board.

2017 NACCHO Leadership Meeting, Washington, DC

Front row: Pramod Dwivedi, DrPH; Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH, President-Elect; Claude-Alix Jacob, MPH, President; Georgia Heise, DrPH, Immediate Past-President; Kevin Sumner, MPH, Vice President; Crystal  Miller, DrPH, MPH; Sara H. Cody, MD

Middle row: Melanie Hutton, RN; Claudia Blackburn, MPH, RNC; Muriel DeLaVergne-Brown, RN, MPH; Gretchen Musicant, RN, MPH; Della Cox-Vieira, RN, MPH; Jennifer C. Kertanis, MPH; Jeff Kuhr, PhD

Back row: William S. Paul, MD, MPH; Scott Sjoquist, MS, RS; Joseph P. Iser, MD, DrPH, MSc; Andre Fresco, MPA; Doug Mathis, MA; Bob England, MD, MPH; William Barnes, PhD, MBA, Acting Executive Director

View NACCHO's announcement and the complete list of the 2017–2018 Officers and Board of Directors here.


Umair A. Shah, MD, MPH


713-439-6184 /


Kevin Sumner, MPH


732-968-5151 /


George Roberts, Jr., MHA, FACHE


903-646-3322 /


Claude-Alix Jacob, MPH


617-665-3810 /

Board Member

Dawn C. Allicock, MD, MPH, CPH

Florida Department of Health in St. Johns County

904-209-3250-x1099 /

Board Member

Claudia Blackburn, MPH, RNC

Florida Department Of Health in Leon County

850-606-8160 /

Board Member

Brian Bowden, MSc (Ex Officio)

National Association of Counties

202-942-4273 /

Board Member

Muriel DeLaVerge-Brown RN, MPH

Crook County Health Department

541-416-1980 /

Board Member

Pramod Dwivedi, DrPH

Linn County Public Health Department

319-892-6000 /

Board Member

Andre Fresco, MPA

Yakima Health District

509-249-6666 /

Board Member

Joseph P. Iser, MD, DrPH, MSc

Southern Nevada Health District

702-759-1674 /

Board Member

Jeff Kuhr, PhD

Mesa County Health Department

970-248-6974 /

Board Member

Crystal Miller, DrPH, MPH

Wedco District Health Department

859-234-8750 /

Board Member

Gretchen Musicant, RN, MPH

Minneapolis Health Department

612-673-2301 /

Board Member

William S. Paul, MD, MPH

Metro Public Health Department

615-340-5622 /

Board Member

Scott Sjoquist, MS, RS

Tribal Health Department Representative

860-862-6158 /

Board Member

Crystal D. Swann, MS (Ex Officio)

United States Conference of Mayors

202-861-6707 /

Board Member

Denisha Porter

Cincinnati Health Department

513-357-7280 /

Board Member

Joey Smith

Montgomery County Health Department

931-648-5747 /

Board Member

Jennifer C. Kertanis, MPH

Farmington Valley Health District

860-352-2333 /

Board Member

Sandra Elizabeth Ford, MD, MBA

Dekalb County Health Department

404-294-3787 /

Board Member

Christopher C. Dobbins, MPH

Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services

704-853-5260 /

Board Member

Muntu Davis, MD

Alameda County Public Health Department

510-267-8000 /

Board Member

Monica Valdes Lupi, JD, MPH

Boston Public Health Commission

617-534-7165 /