NACCHO Elections

This year NACCHO will be holding elections for the following positions on the Board of Directors: ten at-large positions, two regional positions and the position of Vice President. The goal of the Nominations Committee is to present a slate of candidates that is culturally and ethnically diverse and broadly representative of the NACCHO membership. If you wish to declare your candidacy, or to nominate someone else, complete the attached form and send it along with the other required documents to the Nominations Committee ( at NACCHO by April 15, 2017.

NACCHO’s Vice President will be elected in 2017 and must be an active member of NACCHO. Term as Vice President will be from July 2017 to July 2018. At the end of the term, the Vice President will become NACCHO’s President-Elect from 2018 to 2019; assume the Presidency from 2019 until 2020; and then serve as Immediate Past President until July 2021.

Ten at-large members for the Board of Directors will be elected and will assume their two-year term beginning in July 2017. These positions will be elected by the active NACCHO membership. NACCHO’s bylaws require that, to the extent possible, six of these positions shall be elected from jurisdictions of specified population sizes. These are shown on the Nominations Form.

Two Regional members for the Board of Directors will be elected to finish terms that were vacated early and will assume a partial term beginning in July 2017 and ending June 2018. 

Please note: Any active NACCHO member may be nominated by another active member or may declare his/her candidacy for a position on the Board by self-nomination. These positions will be elected by all active (dues-paying) NACCHO members. Please complete the attached form and email it to the NACCHO Nominations Committee ( by April 15, 2017.