NACCHO Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program for the Voluntary National Retail Food Regulatory Program Standards (Retail Program Standards) is funded through a five-year cooperative agreement between NACCHO and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The Mentorship Program provides opportunities for retail food regulatory program staff to learn about the Retail Program Standards through active participation and training, share experiences and develop tools and resources related to the Retail Program Standards, and support the ongoing effort to increase the use of the Retail Program Standards nationwide. Retail food regulatory programs seeking assistance on the Retail Program Standards were matched to seasoned Retail Program Standards mentors from a retail food regulatory program to help progress the work towards meeting Retail Program Standards while building sustained capacity within the retail food regulatory program. 

Mentors are encouraged to assist mentees in preparing for self-assessments and verification audits and in developing improvement plans. Learn more about the mentorship program

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Want to learn more about food safety?

Check out the NACCHO Mentorship Program for the FDA Retail Program Standards Podcast.

Environmental Health

Want to learn more about food safety?

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Mentorship Testimonials

Listen to participants talk about their experience in the program

Environmental Health

Mentorship Testimonials

Profiles of the past participants of the NACCHO Mentorship Program for the FDA Retail Program Standards.

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New Jersey
North Carolina
West Virginia

During this session, two local health departments that participated in NACCHO's mentorship program shared lessons learned, successful strategies, and tactics on how to get started with the FDA Retail Program Standards.

During this session, two local health departments experienced with Standard 4 and FDA Staff shared their experiences, tips, and challenges on Standard 4. Participants had the opportunity to ask questions during a
Q & A session.

During this session, the Fairfax County Health Department in Virginia described their efforts to help retail food establishments improve compliance with the employee health requirements in the FDA Food Code. The presentation highlighted how the health department used compliance data to develop and implement an intervention strategy to improve compliance, overcome challenges, and to respond to the results they have seen so far.

Upon completion of this webinar session participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and objectives for conducting a retail food risk factor study
  • Discuss how conducting a retail food risk factor study can benefit a jurisdiction’s retail food protection program
  • Summarize the Standard 9 Program Assessment criteria for conducting a retail food risk factor study 

Presentation PDF Part I
Presentation PDF Part II
Presentation PDF Part III

Additional Materials
FDA Retail Food Risk Factor Study Protocol
Draft Standard 9 - January 2017
Updated Restaurant Data Collection Form for FoodSHIELD

More food safety sharing sessions are available at the NACCHO Food Safety/Defense Webpage.

For more examples and to share documents, email to join the Retail Food Program Resources Center workgroup on FoodSHIELD.

Standard 1: Regulatory Foundation

Standard 2: Trained Regulatory Staff

Standard 3: Inspection Program Based on HACCP Principles

Standard 4: Uniform Inspection Program

Standard 5: Foodborne Illness and Food Defense Preparedness and Response

Standard 6: Compliance and Enforcement

Standard 7: Industry and Community Relations

Standard 8: Program Support and Resources

Standard 9: Program Assessment