Overdose Prevention Toolkit

NACCHO's Overdose, Injury, and Violence Prevention (OIVP) program has created a compilation of existing resources to support local health departments with overdose prevention efforts.

Title Topic Resource Type Source
FDA Overdose Prevention Framework (2023) Prevention, Harm Reduction Resources FDA
Introduction to OD2A Case Studies  OD2A Case Studies CDC
2021 NSDUH Annual National Report (2023) National Survey on Drug Use and Health Report SAMHSA
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA): Evidence-Based Practices Resource Center Evidence-Based Practices Resources SAMHSA
Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences: What Is That Capacity of Local Health Departments? (2022) Suicide Prevention, ACEs Report NACCHO
Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences: What Is the Capacity of Local Health Departments? Infographic (2022) Suicide Prevention, ACEs Infographic NACCHO
2022 Overdose Epidemic Report- End the Epidemic (2022) Trends, Advocacy Report American Medical Association
Stimulant Guide Website (2023) Stimulants Guide CDC
Evidence-Based Strategies for Preventing Opioid Overdose: What’s Working in the United States (2018) Evidence-Based Practices Report CDC
Principles for the Use of Funds from the Opioid Litigation Opioid Settlement Funds Guide Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
How Should Opioid Settlements Be Spent? Opioid Settlement Funds Guide OpioidSettlementTracker.com
Mobilizing Community Partnerships in Rural Communities: Strategies and Techniques (2013) Rural, Partnerships Guide NACCHO
Implementing Best Practices Across the Continuum of Care to Prevent Overdose (2023) Government, Best Practices Roadmap National Governors Association 
Stimulant Safety: Getting Amped Up to Reduce Harms When Using Stimulants (2023) Stimulants Toolkit NASTAD
Opioid Settlements Webinar Resources and A Quick “How-To” Guide for Understanding Opioid Settlements State-to-State (2023) Opioid Settlement Funds Webinar, Guide NACCHO & Community Education Group
State Principles for Financing Substance Use Care Treatment and Support Services (2023) Finance Report Center for Health Care Strategies
Protecting Our Communities Toolkit (2023) Health Centered Approaches Toolkit Drug Policy Alliance
Digital Media Toolkits (2023) Communications Campaigns Toolkit CDC
National Recovery Month Partner Toolkit (2023) National Recovery Month, Social Media Toolkit CDC
Recovery from Substance Use and Mental Health Problems Among Adults in the United States (2023) Recovery Report SAMHSA
Engaging Community Members: A Guide to Equitable Compensation (2023) Community, Collaboration Brief Center for Health Care Strategies
Emerging Substances in the Illicit Drug Landscape: Xylazine (2023) Xylazine Webinar COSSUP
Rx Awareness Campaign (2021) Communications Campaigns Toolkit, Resources CDC
Module 7 Opioid Crisis Response: A Systematic Approach to Public Health Communications Communications Campaigns Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Aligning City, County and State Resources to Address the Opioid Epidemic (2018) Government Report National League of Cities
Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships Strategic Planning Resources NACCHO
National American Indian & Alaska Native Prevention Technology Transfer Center Network  Health Equity, Technical Assistance Resources NACCHO
Integrating Health Equity into Overdose Prevention and Response: An Environmental Scan (2021) Health Equity Environmental Scan NACCHO
Racial Justice Assessment Tool (2015) Health Equity Tool Western States Center
Health Equity in the Response to Drug Overdose Training Health Equity Training NACCHO
Advancing Health Equity: A Guide to Language, Narrative and Concepts (2021) Health Equity Guide American Medical Association & AAMC Center for Health Justice
Black Feminist Approach to Ending the Drug War Health Equity Report Interrupting Criminalization
Addressing the Intersection of Suicide, Overdose, and Adverse Childhood Experiences (2023) Suicide Prevention, ACEs Guide Education Development Center & NACCHO
Equity Considerations for Local Health Departments on Opioid Settlement Funds (2023) Health Equity, Opioid Settlement Funds Guide Legal Action Center & NACCHO
2023 State of the States: Legislative Roadmap (2023) Laws, Harm Reduction Report Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association (LAPPA)
SAMHSA Overdose Prevention and Response Toolkit (2023) Prevention, Harm Reduction Toolkit SAMHSA
Drug Policy 101: How To Be In The Room (2021) Drug Policy Guide Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs 
Title Topic Resource Type Source
How to Build Data Visualizations in Excel (2023) Visualization Guide Evergreen Data 
SUDORS Dashboard: Fatal Overdose Data (2022) Fatal Overdose Data Dashboard CDC
Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry: Social Vulnerability Index (2023) Social Vulnerability Data Data CDC
Provisional Drug Overdose Death Surveillance (2023) Fatal Overdose Data Data CDC
Legality of Drug Checking Equipment in the United States (2022) Drug Checking, Laws Legal Data The Network for Public Health Law 
Opioid Abatement and Investment Tool (2023)  Data, Opioid Settlement Funds Data Tool Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and Third Horizon Strategies
Module 2 Opioid Crisis Response: Mortality Surveillance and Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Overdose Surveillance Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Opioid Crisis Response: Syndromic Surveillance and Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) Surveillance, Rapid Assessment Response Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
County Healthy Rankings & Roadmaps (2023) County Level Data Data University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute
Non-fatal Overdose Surveillance Code (2019) Overdose Surveillance Sample Code Baltimore City Health Department
Opioid Misuse Community Assessment Tool (2021) County Level Data, Interactive Map Map NORC
Provisional Drug Overdose Death Counts (2023) Fatal Overdose Data Data CDC Health Center for National Statistics
State Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Information (2023) Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, State Level Data Maps, Data Bureau of Justice Assistance
City Health Dashboard (2023) County/City Level Data, Interactive Map Maps, Dashboard NYU Langone Health & National Resource Network
PLACES: Local Data for Better Health County Level Data, Interactive Map Data CDC, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and CDC Foundation
WISQARS Health Equity Data Health Equity, County Level Data Data CDC
Module 4 Opioid Crisis Response: Syndromic Surveillance and Rapid Assessment and Response (RAR) Syndromic Surveillance Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Public Health Legal Mapping (2023) Interactive Map, State Level Data Maps ASTHO
Title Topic Resource Type Source
Linking People with Opioid Use Disorder to Medication Treatment: A Technical Package of Policy, Programs, and Practices (2022) MOUD Technical Package CDC
Overdose Response and Linkage to Care: A Roadmap for Health Departments (2021) Local Health Departments Toolkit National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Be Empow(ER)ed- Know Your Rights to Addiction Care for Drug and Alcohol-Related ER Visits (2022) Patient Rights, Emergency Department Patient Resource Legal Action Center
SAMHSA Buprenorphine Practitioner Locator Buprenorphine Locator Locator SAMHSA
Module 3 Opioid Crisis Response: Lower- Threshold Access to Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) MOUD Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
State Toolkit to End the Nation’s Drug Overdose Epidemic: Leading-Edge Actions and Strategies to Remove Barriers to Evidence-based Patient Care (2022) Policy, State Level Barriers Toolkit American Medical Association & Manatt Health
Establishing Peer Support Services for Overdose Response: A Toolkit for Health Departments (2022) Peer Support Services Toolkit National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Models of Tribal Promising Practices: Tribal Opioid Overdose Prevention Care Coordination and Data Systems (2020) Care Coordination, Data & Surveillance, Indigenous Communities Report Seven Directions
Building Capacity Through Community Behavioral Health Organizations to Prevent Overdose Harm Reduction, Community Collaboration Resources National Council for Mental Wellbeing 
Module (5) Opioid Crisis Response: Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC) & Peer-Delivered Services Peer Support Services, Recovery, Harm Reduction Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Implementing Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: A Planning and Implementation Toolkit (2020) MOUD Toolkit National Council for Mental Wellbeing 
Community Convening Guide (2017) Community Collaboration Guide Facing Addiction
Title Topic Resource Type Source
Substance Use Disorder Treatment for People with Co-Occurring Disorders (2020) Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Improvement Protocol SAMHSA
Effective Communication for Healthcare Teams Communication Training TRAIN Learning Network
CDC Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Pain - United States, 20222 Prescribing Guidelines Guideline CDC
Evidence-Based, Whole-Person Care for Pregnant People Who Have Opioid Use Disorder (2023) Pregnant People Guide SAMHSA
Addiction Medicine Toolkit (2023) Addiction Medicine Toolkit CDC
FDA Alerts Health Care Professionals of Risks to Patients Exposed to Xylazine in Illicit Drugs (2022) Xylazine Press Release US Food and Drug Administration
Meaningful Involvement of People Who Use Drugs (2021) Lived/Living Experience Toolkit AIDS United
National Practice Guidelines for Peer Specialists and Supervisors (2019) Peer Support Specialists Guide National Association of Peer Supporters
National Model Standards for Peer Support Certification (2023) Peer Support Specialists Guide SAMHSA
2022 Academic Detailing to Enhance to Overdose Prevention: An Implementation Guide for Organizations (2022) Academic Detailing Guide CDC
Substance Misuse Prevention for Young Adults (2019) Youth Guide SAMHSA
Taking Action on Racial Equity in Drug User Health Programs Health Equity Training In The Works
Opioid Overdose Education and Naloxone Distribution Veterans, Academic Detailing Resources US Department of Veteran Affairs
Plans of Safe Care for Infants with Prenatal Substance Exposure and Their Families (2020) Prenatal Substance Exposure Report Child Welfare Information Gateway
Motivational Interviewing: Training for Healthcare Professionals (2023) Motivational Interviewing Training CDC
Addressing the Opioid Epidemic in the Emergency Department Training Module (2023) Emergency Department Training CDC
Healthcare Administrators: Applying the 2022 CDC Clinical Practice Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Pain (2023) Prescribing Guidelines Toolkit CDC
Practical Guidance for Implementation of Office-Based Opioid Treatment Through Primary Care at Local Health Departments (2022) MOUD, Local Health Departments Guide Granville Vance Public Health & Duke Department of Population Health Sciences
Post-Overdose Outreach Process (2022) Post Overdose Outreach, First Responder Resources Milwaukee Fire Department
PHAST Toolkit (2022) Collaboration, LHD Partnerships, Public Safety Toolkit CDC & NACCHO
PRONTO: Partnerships for Post-Overdose Outreach  Post Overdose Outreach, Public Safety Resources PRONTO
Module 1 Opioid Crisis Response: Local Health Departments and Public Health Emergencies LHD Emergency Response Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Connecting Communities to Substance Use Services: Practical Approaches for First Responders (2023) Linkages to Care, First Responders Guide SAMHSA
Managing Pain and Treating Opioid Use Disorder in the ED (2023) Emergency Department Training CDC
Advisory: Low Barrier Models of Care for Substance Use Disorders (2023) Low Barrier Care Guide SAMHSA
Title Topic Resource Type Source
Navigating the Harm Reduction Funding Landscape (2022) Funding Guide NASTAD
Fentanyl Test Strips: A Harm Reduction Strategy (2022) Fentanyl Test Strips FAQs CDC
Pregnancy and Substance Use: A Harm Reduction Toolkit (2022) Pregnancy Toolkit National Harm Reduction Coalition & Academy of Perinatal Harm Reduction
New Toolkit Assesses Community Readiness for a Harm Reduction Vending Machine (2022) Vending Machines Toolkit Johns Hopkins University 
Needs-Based Syringe Distribution and Disposal at Syringe Services Programs (2020) SSP FAQs CDC
Enhancing Harm Reduction Services in Health Departments: Fentanyl Test Strips and Other Drug Checking Equipment (2023) Drug Checking, LHD Services Brief National Council for Mental Wellbeing 
Lifesaving Naloxone (2023) Naloxone Webpage CDC
Overdose Prevention Centers: Frequently Asked Questions (2022) Overdose Prevention Centers FAQs NYC Health
PRSS/Naloxone Calculator Peer Support Specialist, Naloxone Calculator The University of Texas School of Public Health
Preguntas frecuentes sobre la naloxona (2023) Naloxone FAQs CDC
Massachusetts Community Drug Checking (2022) Drug Checking, Xylazine Fact Sheet Massachusetts Drug Supply Data Stream at Brandies University
Case Studies & Best Practices: Strategies to Reduce Youth Overdoses (2023) Youth Overdose Case Studies Public Health Institution
Exemption and Exclusion From Certain Requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act for the Distribution of FDA-Approved Naloxone Products During the Opioid Public Health Emergency Guidance for Industry (2022) Naloxone Guide U.S. Food and Drug Administration
ToxTidbits- MD Poison Center (2019) Xylazine Brief Maryland Poison Center
Massachusetts Drug Supply Data Stream (MADDS) Community Drug Supply Bulletin: Two Active Cuts (2021) Xylazine Brief Massachusetts Drug Supply Data Stream at Brandies University
What You Should Know About Xylazine (2023) Xylazine Guide CDC
Naloxone Overdose Prevention Laws (2022) State Laws, Naloxone Map Prescription Drug Abuse Policy System
Directory of Syringe Exchange Programs SSP, Interactive Map Directory North American Syringe Exchange Network
Skin Care Guide for People Who Inject Drugs Wound care Fact Sheet University of New Hampshire & NH Harm Reduction Coalition
Enhancing Harm Reduction Services in Health Departments: Harm Reduction Vending Machines (2023) Harm Reduction Vending Machines Brief National Council for Mental Wellbeing
Take-Home Naloxone Implementation Toolkit Naloxone, Pregnant/Post-partum Toolkit The Naloxone Project
Our Lives, Our Care: The Report and Recommendations of the Re-Queering of Harm Reduction Project (2023) LGBTQ+, Lived/Living Experience Report, Recommendations National Harm Reduction Coalition 
Naloxone Fact Sheets (2022) Naloxone Fact Sheet CDC
Legal Interventions to Reduce Overdose Mortality: Naloxone Access Laws (2021) Naloxone, State laws Legal data The Network for Public Health Law
Community Response Planning for Outbreaks of Hepatitis and HIV Among People Who Inject Drugs Community Response Plan Report, Case Study NACCHO
Title Topic Resource Type Source
Respect to Connect: Undoing Stigma (2021) Harm Reduction Fact Sheet National Harm Reduction Coalition
The Stigmatization of Justice-involved Individuals with Substance Use Disorders (2021) Criminal Legal, Lived/Living Experience Report Legislative Analysis and Public Policy Association
Module 6: Opioid Crisis Response: Addressing Substance Use Stigma Stigma Assessment Training NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Addressing Opioid Use Disorder among LGBTQ Populations (2018) LGBTQ+ Report National LGBT Health Education Center

For any questions or requests to submit materials that support opioid overdose and response efforts on the local level , please contact us at [email protected].

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