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Phase 5: Peoria, IL Vignette

Formulating Goals and Strategies

The Peoria City-County Health Department (PCCHD) in Illinois serves a population of approximately 130,000. PCCHD has been active in both a community planning process (using the Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs - IPLAN) and an organizational strategic planning process. Using the results of the organizational strategic planning process, PCCHD developed ten Key Strategies and Tactics from its strategic planning process and defined them simply as "What we must do".

  • Collaborate with others in the community to implement IPLAN (The Illinois Project for Local Assessment of Needs)
  • Educate staff about IPLAN and their role in implementation
  • Integrate family planning into other services dealing with women in their childbearing years
  • Provide better education related to the prevention of infectious diseases
  • Monitor infectious disease in the community, communicate results, and collaborate with others for prevention
  • Identify indicators for effectiveness
  • Provide appropriate and necessary resources for staff to be empowered to improve program effectiveness
  • Identify potential internal and external collaborators
  • Identify an operating concept of interdepartmental teams and assess the potential of these teams to actualize the goals
  • Communicate the vision statement to the public, board, and all employees of the department and develop specific strategies to relate the vision to job performance
  • Educate everyone and require 100 percent participation in CQI programs

These strategies along with a summary of the entire Peoria strategic planning process were presented in a 25-page plan which was adopted by the Peoria Board of Health.

For information on Peoria's subsequent activities, see:
Peoria City-County, IL Contact Information:
Kate Van Beek
Director, Health Promotion and Education Group
Peoria City/County Health Department
2116 North Sheridan Road
Peoria, IL 61604
Tel: 309-679-6130
Fax: 309-679-6609
email: kvanbeek@co.peoria.il.us