Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

Numerous healthy eating and active living resources are available across NACCHO’s chronic disease prevention projects. Visit the chronic disease prevention page to review resources related to specific projects and find more resources listed below.

Health professionals, nutrition educators, local community leaders, and wellness instructors can now download the revised Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops (EHBA), developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. The six one-hour workshops feature updated nutrition recommendations based on the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans(DGA) and the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Updated content includes:

The National Physical Activity Plan Alliance (NPAPA) celebrated the first day of Spring with the release of the

Promoting Walking and Walkable Communities – Cross-Sector RecommendationsExternal Link: You are leaving

. The recommendations aim to identify and prioritize the most critical activities that will result in the greatest impact on improving walkability and increasing walking throughout the United States.

NPHL New Resource: Policies to Support Physical Activity in Schools

Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence is important for promoting lifelong health and well-being and preventing various health conditions. The national recommendation is that children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years should have 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. The national recommendation for schools is to have a comprehensive approach for addressing physical education and physical activity in schools.

The Network for Public Health Law (NPHL) identified several resources related to initiatives designed to encourage physical activity among school children.

Physical Activity Generally, Recess, MIndfulness, Yoga and Classroom Activities

NACCHO has developed the following resources to help your Local Health Department encourage physical activity and healthy eating in your community.

The following policy statements demonstrate NACCHO's support for healthy communities throughout the United States.

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