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Public Health IT Preparedness: What LHDs Need to Do Now and Plan for the Future
12/11/2012 1:00 PM 2:30 PM
The speakers will address the following questions: -What exactly should LHDs be doing to advance ePublic Health & Informatics within their departments and in coordination with health care partners? -Where and how can LHDs become more involved and demonstrate leadership? -Once an LHD is at the table, what should they articulate? -What should LHDs be doing now and planning for later? -How can LHDs measure their progress? Moderator: Leigh Ann Scheider, BA, EMT Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program Director at Broome County Health Department Presenters: -Claudia Blackburn, MPH, RNC, Health Director at Sedgwick County Health Department -Jon Rosell, Medical Society of Sedgwick County -James Coates, MS, RS, Informatician at Cuyahoga County Board of Health -Nedra Garrett, MS, Director of CDC''s Public Health Surveillance and Informatics Program Office Division of Informatics Practice, Policy and Coordination
Contact: Nina Jolani
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