The "Reducing Disparities in Breastfeeding through Peer and Professional Lactation Support" (Breastfeeding) project is a four-year cooperative agreement with CDC to increase implementation of evidence-based breastfeeding programs, practices, and services at the community level. The project specifically focuses on peer and professional lactation support to breastfeeding mothers in predominantly African American communities. The project will support development and maintenance of national, state, and local public health partnerships critical to building community support for breastfeeding.

These activities will be accomplished through the provision of capacity building assistance to local health departments, community-based public, private, non-profit, and/or faith-based organizations to provide services to breastfeeding mothers and their infants within target communities; and provision of guidance, support and technical assistance (TA) to these organizations to initiate and sustain evidence-based and innovative models for peer and professional support.

The long term goal of the project is to increase breastfeeding initiation, duration, and exclusivity among African Americans in the US. This work is also intended to increase access to and opportunities for breastfeeding support in predominantly African American communities. The project will fund at least 70 community-based organizations (CBOs) and local health departments (LHDs) —targeting those with at least 50 percent African American population. Over the course of the project NACCHO will oversee the recruitment and selection of CBO/LHDs; development of CBO/LHD work plans; and provision of training and technical assistance to support peer and professional lactation support efforts.

Program Goals

The Breastfeeding Project has two goals:

  1. Increase implementation of evidence-based and innovative peer and professional breastfeeding support programs, practices, and services in predominantly African American communities. 
  2. Increase local, state and national partnerships and awareness of the processes, successes, and challenges of implementing and expanding access to local peer and professional lactation support services.


This project supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Cooperative Agreement #5U38OT000172-02. NACCHO is grateful for this support. The views expressed within do not necessarily represent those of the sponsor.   

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